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Bruins/Blackhawks: What Now?

by Photo of Karly Redpath

With the series tied 2-2, it’s hard to tell who’s going to come out on top in the Stanley Cup Final.

Bruins/Blackhawks: What Now?

Wednesday's exciting Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final has prolonged the series for at least another two games. However, based on how the series has been going thus far, it's not farfetched to think that the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins will play a full 7 game series.

Three out of the four games they have played have gone into overtime. In case you missed it, Game 1 went into triple overtime and the Blackhawks won the game 4-3. Game 2 went into overtime as well and marked not only the second straight year that the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals have gone into overtime, but also became the fourth series since 1939 to do so. The Bruins squeaked out a win 2-1.

Game 3 was a different story. The Bruins shut out the Blackhawks 2-0, and placed Chicago in a position where they were faced with a must-win scenario in Game 4, which they did 6-5 in another overtime.

It's clear that both teams have had ups and downs in momentum. The Blackhawks won Game 1, but their momentum from the victory was reeled in by the Bruins in Game 2. There is no question that the Bruins must have felt great after tying up the series, and this momentum carried through to their shutout in Game 3. From there, the Blackhawks clearly needed to refocus, and were able to do so, and came out with the "W" in Game 4.

It's almost impossible to tell who will come out on top in this physical, hard-fought series. The Blackhawks had a near flawless regular season, and the Bruins have a fantastic postseason record. This is why this series has been so intense. Both teams have plenty of talent on all their lines, making this evenly matched and extremely competitive.

Tuukka Rask has been fantastic in the net for the Bruins, especially in the postseason, and has given them the opportunity to stay in series until the very end. The Bruins penalty kill has not allowed the Blackhawks a single opportunity to score on a power play up until last night when their 29 kill streak was ended on Patrick Sharp's short-handed goal in the third period of Game 4.

The Blackhawks third and fourth lines have been huge for the team throughout the postseason as star players like Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane (who each had their first goals of the series in Game 4) have taken back seats to their teammates. Corey Crawford has been strong in the goal, and his performances have allowed the Blackhawks to win two big overtime games.

So, here are my predictions.

I definitely think that this series will remain exciting until the end, and I think that end will come in Game 7.

I'm going to go ahead and say that the Blackhawks are going to win it. I think they have a shot to stay focused, and their win in Game 4 is definitely going to give them some momentum. Their star players are finally stepping up and Chicago has scored when they needed to most. That gives them the edge. 

Blackhawks in 7, baby.

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