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Report: Aaron Hernandez to be Arrested

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Reports are in that the Patriots TE will be arrested in connection to the N. Attleborough murder.

Report: Aaron Hernandez to be Arrested

In this article…

The situation with New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez continues to get sticker and sticker. First, reports came out that Hernandez was seen in a vehicle with the victim on the day he was murdered. That's certainly more serious than just having your house searched, and it led many to wonder if even more would come out implicating Hernandez.

Well, things have taken another turn for the worse. Via Boston.com's Steve Silva:

It isn't known yet what charges are being brought against Hernandez. They might be arresting him just to bring him in for questioning. Things are still developing, so we will be sure to update this story as more information becomes available. But right now, things don't look good for Hernandez.

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