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Blackhawks Soar Over Bruins, 6-5

by Photo of Antoinette Cammarano

Brent Seabrook scored the game-winner and evened the Stanley Cup Final at 2-2.

Blackhawks Soar Over Bruins, 6-5

Going into overtime for the third time in this series, a Brent Seabrook goal lifted the Chicago Blackhawks to a 6-5 win over the Boston Bruins, tying up the series at 2 games apiece.

This was not a slow game, however. Right from the onset, it was filled with fast action, tough defense, and extreme physicality. And plenty of scoring. The TD Garden was rocking, but even home ice wasn't enough to give the Bruins the edge.

In the first period, it became clear the Blackhawks had come out of the daze they were in during Game 3. This game was a must-win for the Blackhawks, and they were well aware of that. Throughout the period, the Blackhawks kept the action mainly in the Bruins zone. Shot after shot headed to Rask, but being the brick wall that he is, he was able to save the majority of them. That is, until Michal Handzus scored a shorthanded goal for the Blackhawks, giving them a 1-0 lead. While the Bruins were on a power play, Handzus sniped a shot past Rask, the first time Rask has allowed a goal in Boston in over 190 minutes of play. With 9:55 left in the first period, the Blackhawks appeared to be yearning for that win. 

Tensions ran high throughout the night, and not long after this goal was scored a scuffle broke out along the boards. The Blackhawks' Duncan Keith and Andrew Shaw got into fisticuffs with the Bruins' Chris Kelly. All three went to the penalty box, giving the Bruins a 4 on 3 advantage. This small advantage was all they needed to tie things up. With three seconds left on the power play, Rich Peverley shot a puck right past Crawford's left shoulder, tying the game at 1-1 with 5:17 left in the period. 

The second period started with the Bruins on a power play carried over from the end of the first - the Blackhawks' Keith was sent to the box for tripping - but the Blackhawks' were able to kill it off. After a rush of play in the Bruins' zone, Chicago's Jonathan Toews put a shot right past Rask to break the tie and give the Blackhawks a 2-1 lead. Not soon after, Patrick Kane scored on a third chance, giving the Blackhawks a nice two-goal cushion with a score of 3-1. The goals were scored 2 minutes and 8 seconds apart. With 11:19 left in the second period, however, it was still anyone's game. 

The Bruins were not about to go down without a fight, though. For the remainder of the game, it became a tug-of-war between the two teams. With 5:17 left in the second period, Milan Lucic shot a puck past the glove side of Crawford to lower the deficit to 1. Mere seconds later, the Blackhawks' Marcus Kruger got a pass right past Rask to give the Blackhawks a two-goal lead again. This lead was not destined to last for long, however. Patrice Bergeron, who previously left the ice and headed to the locker room after a hard hit against the boards, came to the Bruins' rescue and scored on the power play to bring the score to 4-3. With 2:38 to go in the second period, both teams were letting it all hang out. 

At the onset of the third period, tensions were running higher than they had been all night. With about 16 minutes left in the period, the Bruins' Jaormir Jagr and Bergeron set up a goal that would tie the game at 4-4. Bergeron shot the one-timer right past the glove side of Crawford, which is an area he will need to work on if he wants to improve in Game 5. Right after, penalty after penalty began being called against both teams. First, the Bruins' Johnny Boychuk went to the box. Then, the Blackhawks' Toews was sent to the box for high sticking, evening the men to 4 on 4. Only 21 seconds later, however, the Bruins' Jagr gets a high sticking call of his own, giving the Blackhawks 32 seconds of a 4-on-3 advantage and 22 seconds of a 5-on-3 advantage. Patrick Sharp took advantage of this, and scored to bring the Blackhawks to a 5-4 lead with 8:41 remaining in the period.

This lead was quickly diminished by the Bruins. With 7:46 left in the period, Boychuk shot past Crawford's glove side (surprise, surprise) to tie the score up at 5 apiece. This tie would last the remainder of regulation time, and for the third time in this series, overtime was necessary to determine a winner.

At the beginning of the overtime, the Bruins put a lot of pressure on the Blackhawks; a few small scuffles even broke out between the two teams. Then came along Brent Seabrook. After a flurry of shots, Seabrook found some space and sent one in past Rask to give the Blackhawks the win they so desperately needed. Last night's game was not the first time Seabrook played hero. In the Western Conference Semifinals against the Detroit Red Wings, Seabrook scored the game-winning goal in overtime of Game 7.

Brute strength will be the determining factor of game 5. As both teams have played long games throughout the entirety of the series, they are both physically and mentally exhausted. The team that is able to stay awake the longest will ultimately be the team that wins the Stanley Cup. We can rest assured that both teams are going to put on an amazing show for us, however, and can be guaranteed that the remainder of the Stanley Cup Final will be exciting.

Watch Seabrook's slapshot overtime winner here:

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