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Dodgers and Yankees Renew Rivalry in the Bronx

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Dodgers visit Yankees for most expensive series of the season.

Dodgers and Yankees Renew Rivalry in the Bronx

by Jesse Lawrence

When the Brooklyn Dodgers last won the World Series, by beating the Yankees, a ticket to Game 4 could be had for $7.35, or less than the cost of a hot dog or a beer at the New Yankee Stadium. The last time Los Angeles Dodgers visited the Bronx was the 1981 World Series, and the face price for Loge seats in the Old Yankee Stadium was $20. Times have obviously changed, and for last year's World Series between the Giants and Tigers, the minimum face price was $110.

Despite the significant increase in prices for baseball tickets since the Dodgers last visited the Bronx, in recent years ticket prices have returned to the affordability of eras past. On the secondary market, there are tickets under $20 for every single team in baseball. Just 10 years ago, Yankees tickets and Red Sox tickets were hard to find for less than $50. For the rest of 2013, the Red Sox only have six games where a ticket isn't available for under $50. Not surprisingly, they are all against the Yankees. At Yankee Stadium, you can get into any of the remaining Yankees vs. Red Sox games for under $30. The average price for the four remaining Yankees-Red Sox games in September is still 42% higher than the Yankees season average. At a series average of $125.13, though, it isn't even the most expensive one this year in the Bronx. That distinction belongs to the Yankees-Dodgers series that starts tonight, with an average price of $129.67. The Dodgers enter the series last in the NL West, seven games back, and the Yankees are just surviving in third place in the AL East. Despite the miniscule probability of a 2013 Yankees-Dodgers World Series, Yankees-Dodgers nostalgia has made this the hottest Yankees series of the year.

With former Yankee Don Mattingly in the opposing dugout, the game will also evoke memories even for those too young to remember 1981. Mattingly only played two post season games in Yankee Stadium, both in 1995. In those games, he batted .500 and led his team into Seattle with a good chance to return home for the ALCS. As we all now know, Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr. had other plans. Despite the Yankees' dramatic loss, Yankees' fans could take some solace in knowing that their Captain had seized the moment and delivered big on the post season stage.

While his legacy as a great Yankee was already fortified, those two games dispelled any questions about his October mettle. While we're still months from October, the next two games at Yankee stadium may be critical to dispel speculation about his future as Dodgers manager. A dismal performance on the biggest stage in baseball could be the final straw. Two wins could be a turning point in the season. If the past is any predictor, Mattingly will make sure his guys leave it all out on the field.

Jesse Lawrence is the CEO of TiqIQ, an event-ticket search engine, and a ticket junkie who likes to write. His work has been published on Forbes and Grantland.

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