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Andrew W.K. is Going to Play Drums for 24 Hours

by Photo of Scott Davis

Rocker/partier Andrew W.K. is planning to play the drums in Times Square for 24 hours straight.

Andrew W.K. is Going to Play Drums for 24 Hours

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Andrew W.K., rock musician, TV host, and partier extraordinaire, has announced that he's planning to play the drums for 24 hours straight for Wednesday's O Music Awards ceremony. The event will take place in Oakley's flagship store in Times Square.

Playing the drums for such a time span would set a world record. W.K. has played the drums in bands before, but isn't necessarily known as a drummer. In fact, Andrew W.K. identifies himself as a partier rather than a musician. Some of the logistics of the plan haven't been worked out, however. For instance, W.K said he doesn't want to get onto the kit feeling bloated or full of food, but he surely will want to eat at some point during the course of the 24-hour span. Other things, like hygiene issues, still need planning, too. W.K. claims, “If I have to urinate, defecate or vomit, I can do that still while I’m playing drums,” he said. “That’s not that big of a deal.”

Surely there will be some hecklers trying to break Andrew W.K.'s concentration, but he believes he's drummed up enough support for the event. Wednesday's O Music Awards will reveal if W.K. can set a new world record.

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