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Rask, Bruins Shut Out Blackhawks 2-0

by Photo of Antoinette Cammarano

The Bruins topped the Blackhawks with physical defense and opportunistic scoring.

Rask, Bruins Shut Out Blackhawks 2-0

Unfortunately, game three of the Stanley Cup Finals did not go into overtime like games one and two did (probably to the relief of Bruins and Blackhawks fans). However, in the 60 minutes of regulation time, both the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks played aggressive and determined hockey. Boston came out on top with a 2-0 win, giving them a 2-1 series lead over the Blackhawks.  

Before the game even started, injuries started piling up on both teams, certainly effecting last night's game. For Boston, both Zdeno Chara and Milan Lucic were injured during the pre-game skates. For Chicago, Marian Hossa was injured after being hit with a puck. Chara and Lucic were able to play, but Hossa couldn't go, hurting Chicago's lines.

The first period saw a plethora of action in the Chicago Blackhawks zone. Numerous attempts were made to score goals, but Corey Crawford, the Blackhawks' goalie, was on top of his game, refusing to allow a goal in the first period. Although the Blackhawks did manage to get the puck into the Bruins zone a few times, they were unable to generate any goals.

Once the second period rolled around, everything changed. Daniel Paille, who scored the game-winning goal in overtime for the Bruins in Game 2, proved his worth once more by scoring the first goal in last night's game. Only two minutes and 13 seconds into the second period, Paille sniped a shot right past Crawford that would give the Bruins the momentum they needed for the rest of the game. 

Paille even played a part in the goal that doubled the Bruins lead during the second period. While the Bruins were on the power play, Blackhawks defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson tripped Paille, giving the Bruins a 5-on-3 advantage for ten seconds. These ten seconds were all the Bruins needed for Patrice Bergeron to score a goal to give the Bruins a 2-0 lead. Jaormir Jagr sent a pass to Bergeron while he had wide open net, and Crawford didn't even have a chance.

During the third period, the Blackhawks made a valiant attempt to get a puck in the net, but to no avail. Patrick Kane's one-timer, which could have been a sure goal given the empty space left by Rask in the net at the time, went wide. With under a minute in regulation time, Crawford was pulled from the net to give the Blackhawks an extra attacker on the ice; however, even this sixth man could not help the Blackhawks score a goal. In the final ten seconds of play, a couple of fights broke out in front of the net. Chara and Blackhawks Bryan Bickell got into a scrum that was dominated mostly by Chara. Then Bruins forward Brad Marchand and Chicago's Andrew Shaw threw off the gloves.

The Boston Bruins just had more in them this time around. Tuukka Rask made 28 saves, and made it a shutout night against the Blackhawks. Despite the "shitty" ice, in Rask's opinion, he was able to play a solid game. This shutout marks Rask's third in this postseason. Corey Crawford cannot be overlooked. Making 33 saves and allowing only two goals in a game that was played mainly in the Blackhawks' zone shows that Crawford is able to keep Chicago in it, but he just needs some help.

Game four is scheduled for Wednesday night. With the Bruins now holding a solid 2-1 lead over the Blackhawks in the series, and only needing two more wins to hoist the Stanley Cup, it's guaranteed that they will be playing some of their best hockey. Similarly, it is highly unlikely that the Blackhawks will go down without a fight, and now trailing in the series they are looking to gain the lead once again. Game 4 is likely to be a great one.

Watch the post-game interview with Tuukka Rask, in which he discusses the "shitty" ice and the Bruins win, here:

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