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Trailer Thurday: 'Pacific Rim,' 'About Time,' and more!

by Photo of Emily Maas

From action, to Disney, make sure you check out this week’s Trailer Thursday!

Trailer Thurday: 'Pacific Rim,' 'About Time,' and more!

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Editor's Note: Josh Holloway in a movie about competitive break-dancing makes me sad. - Ross

This week's Trailer Thursday features a little bit of everything: some action, some romance, some Disney, and even some Chris Brown. All of that thrown together makes for a pretty interesting week in the cinema-sphere.

Pacific Rim

Yet another action-packed trailer has been released for the upcoming Pacific Rim, and they just keep getting better and better. This trailer gives us an even closer look at all of the incredible special effects this movie has to offer, including each highly detailed monster before it comes slashing at you in 3D. This movie is more than just another apocalyptic action/thriller however. It's directed by Guillermo del Toro, the mastermind behind Pan's Labyrinth, and it is merely the beginning of what's to come with action movies. Toro is showing us what we should really expect when we see an action movie, and I have a feeling people are going to go for it considering what we've been getting the past few years in the genre. That's right, all you Michael Bay fans out there. Action is finally moving on. 

Even months ago in theaters when I first saw previews for Pacific Rim, I had a feeling this would be the blockbuster action film this summer, even if it does have a silly name. 

Pacific Rim opens on July 12. 

Grade: B+

About Time

We hated her in Mean Girls. We hated her in Midnight in Paris. If you're as pessimistic as I am, you might've even hated her in The Notebook. Now, Rachel McAdams is back to star in yet another rom-com to... Wait, what's this? It actually looks fantastic? What's going on here?

About Time is not about Rachel McAdams, although she still seems very enchanting in it. It's about a man named Tim, played by Domhnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley for you Harry Potter buffs), who can travel through time and uses it to form the perfect relationship. I know, I know, it's The Time Traveler's Wife all over again. But it's better than that, I swear. The trailer even offers a heart-wrenching twist that actually got me after being invested in the characters for less than three minutes. Although I feel like I've seen the whole movie in these two and a half minutes, I would still see it again. Plus, it's got Bill Nighy and he can do no wrong (Proof? See Wild Target).

About Time comes out November 8. 

Grade: A+  

Battle of the Year 3D

It scares me how much I would actually consider seeing this movie. Battle of the Year 3D is about an American break-dancing group whose goal is to win this huge international break-dancing competition. There's trouble along the way however, as per usual for these types of movies. 

Battle of the Year 3D features not only Chris Brown as a main character, but it also features Josh Peck. Like, Drake & Josh Josh Peck, which is very exciting. He's probably the only reason I'd consider giving this movie a real shot, because I believe in Josh Peck and everything he does. Including those hilariously strange vines he's been posting.

Battle of the Year 3D comes out September 13. 

Grade: B


Alright Disney, what's going on? Should we be worried? Sometimes you make fantastic decisions like Monsters University. Then, sometimes you just make weird ones. Like Planes. Really? Did people like Cars that much? Is Trains next, or should we be expecting Submarines in the near future? How about Spaceships

In all honestly, I hated Cars. It just wasn't up to par with everything else Pixar's done. Planes seems to be headed in that direction as well, though a lot of people are saying that it's actually very good. Pixar chose the silent and emotional route for this trailer, and it's quite nice. It also seems to have a fantastic score as all of Disney's films do. Also, the main plane is voiced by Dane Cook, which could be cool. I'm just not sold on the whole idea. But that's okay, because I'm definitely not in their target audience. 

Planes comes out August 9. 

Grade: B-


I've got to be honest, I've never seen any of the Riddick movies. 2000's Pitch Black and 2004's The Chronicle's of Riddick just never appealed to me. I don't really plan on watching them either as it's still quite hard to take Vin Diesel seriously after The Pacifier. Not to mention the fact that he is still signing onto the Fast & Furious franchise (WHY?). 

This Riddick movie seems just as unappealing as the others did. It seems that this time around however, Riddick only remains the enemy for about half the movie, then teams up with the humans to fight some crazy extra terrestrials. There's even a really sickening Matrix rip-off at one point that's just kind of sad to watch. Poor Vin Diesel. 

Riddick comes out September 6.

Grade: C-   

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