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Listen: Fall Out Boy Urges You to Put on Your War Paint

by Photo of Chelsea Perrotty

Fall Out Boy releases new video for their second single “The Phoenix”.

Fall Out Boy released the second (and far better than the first) single off their upcoming album Save Rock and Roll today. The song is reminiscent of older Fall Out Boy in both its lyrics and beat. This writer is definitely digging it. 

The video itself shows viewers how the band ended up blindfolded in the back of a van in the “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” music video.

The boys experience a horrifying four minutes filled with blood, torture, and chloroform. For most of the video singer Patrick Stump is tied to a gurney and put through all sorts of torture. His hand is chopped off at one point and then sent to Pete Wentz. Eventually all the members of FOB are kidnapped. The video ends with a shot of Stump sitting at an elaborately set table, then closes out with the snapping of his bloody hand.

Fall Out Boy’s official website promises that this is just “chapter two” of eleven and we should be on the lookout for the next chapter which will be coming soon.

Listen: Fall Out Boy Urges You to Put on Your War Paint

The video release is also to let fans know that for a limited time Fall Out Boy will be offering the pre-order of “Save Rock and Roll” on iTunes for $7.99.

Whether you liked the first single or not, Fall Out Boy proves with this song that they’re just starting to rise up from the ashes like a phoenix, reborn from their four-year-long hiatus.

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