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Picking the Tournament

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

I run through all of my choices and put eventual proof of how bad of a prognosticator I really am.

Picking the Tournament

It's definitely a mistake to publish my picks for this year's 2013 NCAA Tournament on the Internet, where everyone can see them and then laugh at how foolish they are. But in the off chance that I actually did pick the perfect bracket, this needs to be here for posterity's sake. However, here are a few reasons why I definitely didn't get everything right:

1. I was too conservative with upset picks in the second round. I only picked four teams with a double-digit seeding to win on Thursday and Friday, and I don't have any double-digit seeds making it past the third round. I also didn't pick an upset by any teams seeded lower than 12. Shit goes crazy in the second round, and these first few games are where things no one saw coming (like Norfolk St. over Missouri last year) happen. Even though I didn't pick them, I could easily see teams like Belmont, Bucknell or even South Dakota State pulling off upsets and instantly killing my brackets.

2. I went against the grain with favorites. The best strategy to take when trying to win your pool is to try and pick against the heavy favorites while still staying within the realm of possibility. I did that by knocking out Final Four favorites Louisville, Ohio State, Kansas, Florida, and Miami in the Sweet 16. Could it be a genius move? Sure. But it also could be extremely stupid. I'm thinking it might be the latter.

3. This thing is UNPREDICTABLE. No matter how much research you have done and scenarios you have generated, there is no way to get this thing totally right. That fact what helps me sleep (slightly) better during the tournament. That and the warmth of the fire produced by my burning brackets.

Without further delay, here are my picks for the 2013 NCAA Tournament.


Second Round - (1) Louisville over (16) North Carolina A&T; (8) Colorado St. over (9) Missouri; (12) Oregon over (5) Oklahoma State; (4) Saint Louis over New Mexico St.; (11) St. Mary's over (6) Memphis; (3) Michigan State over (14) Valparaiso; (7) Creighton over (10) Cincinnati; (2) Duke over (15) Albany

Third Round - (1) Louisville over (8) Colorado St.;  (4) Saint Louis over (12) Oregon; (3) Michigan State over (11) St. Mary's; (2) Duke over (7) Creighton

Sweet Sixteen - (4) Saint Louis over (1) Louisville; (3) Michigan State over (2) Duke

Elite Eight - (3) Michigan State over (4) Saint Louis


Second Round - (1) Kansas over (16) Western Kentucky; (8) North Carolina over (9) Villanova; (5) VCU over (12) Akron; (4) Michigan over (13) South Dakota St.; (11) Minnesota over (6) UCLA; (3) Florida over (14) Northwestern St.; (7) San Diego State over (10) Oklahoma; (2) Georgetown over (15) Florida Gulf Coast

Third Round - (1) Kansas over (8) North Carolina; (5) VCU over (4) Michigan; (3) Florida over (11) Minnesota; (2) Georgetown over (7) San Diego State

Sweet Sixteen - (5) VCU over (1) Kansas; (2) Georgetown over (3) Florida

Elite Eight - (2) Georgetown over (5) VCU


Second Round - (1) Indiana over (16) LIU/James Madison; (8) N.C. State over (9) Temple; (5) UNLV over (12) California; (4) Syracuse over (13) Montana; (6) Butler over (11) Bucknell; (3) Marquette over (14) Davidson; (10) Colorado over (7) Illinois; (2) Miami over (15) Pacific

Third Round - (1) Indiana over (8) N.C. State; (5) UNLV over (4) Syracuse; (6) Butler over (3) Marquette; (2) Miami over (10) Colorado

Sweet Sixteen - (1) Indiana over (5) UNLV; (6) Butler over (2) Miami

Elite Eight - (1) Indiana over (6) Butler


Second Round - (1) Gonzaga over (16) Southern; (8) Pittsburgh over (9) Wichita State; (5) Wisconsin over (12) Ole Miss; (4) Kansas State over (13) Boise St./La Salle; (6) Arizona over (11) Belmont; (3) New Mexico over (14) Harvard; (7) Notre Dame over (10) Iowa St.; (2) Ohio State over (15) Iona

Third Round - (1) Gonzaga over (8) Pittsburgh; (5) Wisconsin over (4) Kansas State; (3) New Mexico over (6) Arizona; (2) Ohio State over (7) Notre Dame

Sweet Sixteen - (1) Gonzaga over (5) Wisconsin; (3) New Mexico over (2) Ohio State

Elite Eight - (1) Gonzaga over (3) New Mexico


(3) Michigan State over (1) Gonzaga; (1) Indiana over (2) Georgetown


(1) Indiana 60 - (3) Michigan State 55

Happy March Madness, everyone.

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