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Palestinian Oscar-Nominated Filmmaker Detained at LAX Before Oscars

by Photo of Gabriela Barkho

Director of ’5 Broken Cameras’ Emad Burnat was held at LAX ahead of Sunday’s Academy Awards.

Palestinian Oscar-Nominated Filmmaker Detained at LAX Before Oscars

This year's Oscars marks the first time a Palestinian director has ever been nominated for the award and that honor went to Emad Burnat. The Hollywood Reporter says  Burnat and his family were held at LAX on Tuesday night to attend this week's ceremony. It turns out Hollywood documentary director Michael Moore had a hand in releasing the 5 Broken Cameras director and live-tweeted the event for his followers.

The Hollywood Reporter says that although Burnat proved to authorities that he was invited to the Oscars as a nominee, they still refused to release him until Moore stepped in. The incident angered Moore as he took to tweeting about the unfair immigration system in the United States.

Burnat's 5 Broken Cameras is an award winning documentary, shot entirely on digital cameras, about his small Palestinian village and its struggle against Israeli occupation. Michael Moore has been promoting Burnat and his film in hopes of drawing attention to what he says is not "just one of the best documentaries of the year, it’s one of the best movies of this year. I’d put it on the same level as any of the other great fiction films made this year."

Will the incident affect the director's chances of winning Best Documentary at this Sunday's Oscars? We'll have to wait and watch, but there's no doubt Michael Moore will comment on the result regardless of a win or loss.

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