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House of Cards Draws Buzz for Netflix

by Photo of Gabriela Barkho

Netflix original series House of Cards is gaining quite the attention from critics and audience

House of Cards Draws Buzz for Netflix

Netflix released its first original series House of Cards on February 1 starring Hollywood stars Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Kate Mara. The political drama is breaking ground in that it doesn't take the traditional approach of weekly network dramas. Instead Netflix premiered the entire first season of 13 "chapters" at once for viewers to stream. According to its IMDB page, the show boasts some of Hollywood's most regarded production cast and crew behind it including The Social Network director David Fincher, who's undoubtedly behind House of Card's gritty atmosphere.

Many are describing the DC-set series as an eerie political thriller. One can describe it as a modern day All The President's Men in that it examines the blurry lines that sometimes form between politics and media . The series revolves around Democrat South Carolina Congressman and Majority Whip Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his wife Claire (Robin Wright), and the two stop at nothing to conquer the political game. American Horror Story's Kate Mara plays a Washington DC reporter who becomes entangled with the Underwoods' dealings in order to further her own career. Throughout the series, she begins to realize just much corruption and scandal is behind her stories' subjects.  

The writing and production, even down to the musical score, constantly keep the audience on the edge, who somehow find themselves rooting for the characters' evil schemes. House of Cards delves into DC's corrupted underground world where politics involve greed and blackmail, making power the ultimate prize. It's hard to say if House of Cards, based on a BBC series of the same name, is an overly blown version of Washington life, but while watching, it's easy to believe this is how it really goes in our nation's capital. 

There's no official word on the second season's arrival but viewers posting on the show's Facebook page are already hungry for more. Is the full release of the show a bad strategy for Netflix? Maybe. It may not be traditional to release television shows in this fashion, but then again House of Cards is an internet original series that's making its own rules. Sure, it may be losing out on weekly media updates and buzz, but with the way Netflix is marketing the marathon-inducing show, we know that it wants viewers to watch at their own leisure and experience the show in their own way. The strategy is puzzling compared to those of traditional networks' episode rolling, but there is no doubt it's drawing people to watch regardless. For now, viewers are finding themselves unconventionally marathoning the series to catch up on discussions with friends and colleagues.

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