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Four Acts Left on US X Factor

by Photo of Chelsea Regan

The final four acts will perform tomorrow night to keep their hopes alive of winning a lucrative recording contract.

Four Acts Left on US X Factor

Tomorrow night, the four remaining contestants on The X Factor will perform in the semi-final round of the singing competition. Last Thursday, The X Factor narrowed down the field to the final four vocalists. Cece Frey and Diamond White made their exit, leaving Carly Rose Sonenclair, Emblem 3, Tate Stevens, and 5th Harmony. 

The front runner after last week’s votes is Tate Stevens, a 37-year-old country singer from Missouri. Perhaps his biggest competition is Carly Rose Sonenclar, a 13-year-old with pipes fit for just about every power ballad recorded, who has taken the top spot in weeks past. Emblem 3, a trio of young men with a natural sound similar to Boston area jam band, Dispatch, has been successful despite Simon Cowell's attempt to transform them into the next One Direction. And lastly, is the LA Reid coached group, 5th Harmony, that has struggled week after week to actually harmonize. 

Demi Lovato is the only judge who hasn’t had the pleasure of pulling double duty as a coach this past week. Cece Frey had been her last hope.  Meanwhile Simon Cowell is representing both Emblem 3 and 5th Harmony, LA Reid still has Tate Stevens, and Britney has Carly Rose. 

Bruno Mars – a favorite of Sonenclar – will be performing on Thursday during this week’s elimination show. The winner of the $5 million recording contract will be announced next Thursday, December 18.

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