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The New Orleans Pelicans: Can We Do Better?

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

With the proposed name change for the Hornets, here are some alternative suggestions.

The New Orleans Pelicans: Can We Do Better?

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Of all the interesting stories to come out of the NBA in this young season (and there have been plenty), one of the more interesting has to be the proposed name change for the New Orleans Hornets.  It came out last night that the team will become the New Orleans Pelicans at the beginning of the 2013-2014 season.  I think enough has already been said about how odd and peculiar this choice of team name is, so I won't lambast them any further.  I will however use the patented "compliment sandwich" technique to critique the team.  Here goes.

- As Neil Payne tweeted just recently, if the Pelicans were to go with these uniform/logo designs, we all might cut them a little more slack.  Those things are slick.

- A "pelican" is such a weird name for a basketball team.  Baseball, sure.  They are out in the sun, flying around and stuff.  They just don't seem logical for basketball.  Off the top of my head, here are several better names that they could have come up with: New Orleans Monk Parakeets, New Orleans Unibrows (to keep Anthony Davis there forever), New Orleans Jambalaya, New Orleans David Simon Dramas, New Orleans Fighting Faulkners, New Orleans Carl Weathers, New Orleans Weezys (scariest mascot ever, probably), or just petition Utah to get New Orleans Jazz back, like Matt Moore does in the linked article at the top.

- At least they have a season to still think about this?  I'm still very confused by all of this and likely will be for quite some time.

What do you think of the name change, and what do you think New Orleans should call the team?

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