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Video Premiere: A$AP Rocky "F*ckin' Problems"

by Photo of Dana Kai-el

A$AP Rocky premieres his video “F*ckin’ Problems”, his second single off his debut album, “LongLiveA$AP”.

Video Premiere: A$AP Rocky

Harlem native, A$AP Rocky has grown into one of the best new artists in hip-hop if not for 2012, then definitely for 2013. With his first solo album on the way, LongLiveA$AP, A$AP Rocky is building a noteworthy buzz for himself. But even after his first hit singles “Peso” and “Goldie” and popular Mixtape “LiveLoveA$AP,” the most noise spawned around his new single, “F*ckin' Problems” featuring some big names in hip-hop, Drake, 2 Chainz and fellow new artist Kendrick Lamar.

This song is one of my favorites for the year 2012. No, it’s not the most thought-provoking lyrically written song. No, it has no profound deep meaning that will change your mindset or society, and no it doesn’t feature the hip-hop “Gawd” Jay-Z, but the track just has that swagger. Fun lyrics, smooth flow, and 2 Chainz on the hook make this track hot, and the video has just premiered to couple it.  

After such great videos for “Peso” and “Goldie” I expected the same caliber for such a great song, “F*ckin' Problems.” But instead we were given a typical hip-hop video. You know, cuts between black and white screens, artist swagging around pretty much doing nothing, and oh, how could I forget the “video vixens” doing the same dance moves that have graced the likes of your local Brooklyn summer block party. If that’s your kind of thing then this video is right up your alley, but the video seems pretty blah and boring especially in comparison to A$AP Rocky’s previous videos. The video is fun and filled with great energy but that is pretty much it. Regardless of the video, the song is still undeniably great and a major boost in A$AP Rocky’s mainstream career. 

Check out the video for “Fuckin Problems” below.  

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