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New Music: Wiz Khalifa - "The Bluff" Feat. Cam'ron

by Photo of Louis Santiago

Wiz teams up with his childhood idol for his next single

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Yesterday, Wiz Khalifa dropped his third single from his sophomore LP. Usually when artists get to their third single their album has hit stores, but Wiz seems to be taking a different approach to the publicity cycle. The album's push back might also be a reason why the single releases are so unorthodox. The song is called "The Bluff" and it features one of Wiz's idols Cam'ron. In countless interviews Wiz has made it known that Cam has been a huge influence on him and his style. 

Production wise this is a standard sound and vibe for Wiz. The song is produced by his hometown ID Labs, who helped him establish his unique sound. To me there is something just not right about this song. Wiz's cadence and flow on this track were odd; I think he chose the wrong way to attack this track. There is an obvious pocket in the song but Wiz chose to ignore it and switch things up which hurts the track.  

Cam'ron's verse is uneventful as well. It's a conversational verse but that type of scheme does not fit on a spacey track like this. I feel that Cam is in a sort of rap limbo. His style is no longer popular and he cannot change things up because he's stuck in the past. He also contributes to why this track is a miss. He does have a clever line that mentions that both rappers and named Cameron but that was about it.

New Music: Wiz Khalifa -

This is often the problem when rappers get to collaborate with their childhood idols. The young artists has carved a lane for themselves in the game and they want to take their idol and cram them into a song just to be able to have them on a track. The younger artist also does not have the courage to tell their hero that his verse is not exactly what the track needs. I believe this is what happened with this track. 

Maybe this track will grow on me, but as of now its not what I was looking for on O.N.I.F.C. I'm not sure if we should judge this too harshly or not because it might just be something Wiz wanted to cross off of his bucket list. 

O.N.I.F.C. hits stores on December 4th. Wiz is currently on the "2050 Tour" with his Taylor Gang crew.  

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