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Nardwuar Interviews Wiz Khalifa

by Photo of Louis Santiago

The human serviette schools Wiz Khalifa on some old school music.

In this article…

If you don't know who Nardwuar is you are in for a great surprise with this video. Nardwuar is a celebrity interviewer from Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. For years he has interviewed the biggest names in music while simultaneously teaching his audience and his guest a little bit about music history. If you ask any of the artists he has interviewed (Kid Cudi excluded), they will tell you that their interview with him was one of the best that they have ever participated in. 

Unlike typical interviews, Nardwuar does not ask many questions and he does not get into gossip. His strategy is simple: do tons of research, give his guest gifts, and spread his knowledge of music to the masses. This formula has worked so far and today we get his second interview with Pittsburg rapper Wiz Khalifa. 

In this interview Nardwuar teaches Wiz about the history of weed music. Even though it was not a big part of mainstream music, weed was EXTREMELY prevalent in the 60's and 70's. Groups would make albums dedicated to the drug and it's effects. The message was not as direct as it was today and that was the beauty behind the music. 

In today's interview we also learn about one of hip-hop's infamous records and the family tree behind the record that carries on today. When watching a Nardwuar interview, chances are you will learn more about music history that the specific artist, but I think that's why every true music fan enjoys watching. It also helps that Nardwuar is about as quirky as Elton John, Lady Gaga and Prince combined. 

Nardwuar Interviews Wiz Khalifa

Check out his site here 

Wiz Khalifa is on the "2050 Tour" with his Taylor Gang crew. Let Charged.fm get you the best seat in the house.

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