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Album Preview: The Game - "Jesus Piece"

by Photo of Louis Santiago

Will another Compton rapper deliver a great album this year?

Album Preview: The Game -

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Today, snippets for Game's album Jesus Piece was released on iTunes. This is Game's fifth studio album and a make-or-break album in my opinion. 

On his past albums The R.E.D. Album especially, he fell into this formula that he cannot break. On his past couple of albums he's had standout tracks but they were never enough to keep listeners engaged for the whole album. He also runs into issue with the features on his album. On his past couple of albums and mixtapes, Game has had amazing features. The problems with these amazing features are that these people, (see Drake, J.Cole, & Kendrick Lamar) out-rap and outshine him on his own tracks. It's great that you get these people but you need to be able to hold your own on these tracks. 

From the looks of the tracklist he has not learned his lesson. The album is jam packed with features. There is only one track that Game appears by himself. For this to be a good album he needs to out-rap each person that is on this record. The chances of this are unlikely but at least we will hear some great guest verses.   

With Jesus Piece, he needs to step away from that and get back to what garnered him critical acclaim. One fact that opposes him is this project is a concept album. The story, while it has many outlets, can only be told from a narrow point of view. This can either hurt or help the rapper. On the one hand it might narrow his mind and allow him to focus on one main concept.  On the other, a subject such as religion is very controversial and his passion for this project might become his pitfall. The cover alone caused a lot of issues and raised some eyebrows. All it takes is one contentious statement on a track and this album is doomed and will be black balled. Check out the album snippets and the tracklist below.

Full Tracklist:
1. Scared Now (feat. Meek Mill)
2. Ali Bomaye (feat. 2 Chainz & Rick Ross)
3. Jesus Piece (feat. Kanye West & Common)
4. Pray (feat. J. Cole & JMSN)
5. Church (feat. King Chip & Trey Songz)
6. All That (Lady) (feat. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous & Jeremih)
7. Heaven’s Arms
8. Name Me King (feat. Pusha T)
9. See No Evil (feat. Kendrick Lamar & Tank)
10. Cant Get Right (feat. K. Roosevelt)
11. Hallelujah (feat. Jamie Foxx)
12. Freedom (feat. Elijah Blake)
13. Celebration (feat. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa & Lil Wayne)

Deluxe Edition:
14. I Remember (feat. Young Jeezy & Future)
15. Blood Diamonds
16. Dead People

Best Buy Edition:
17. Blood Of Christ
18. Holy Water

Like always Game gets blessed (pun intended) with amazing production. In the past he has not been able to own these tracks, maybe Jesus Piece will be a different story. As promotion for the album Game has created his "Sunday Service" series where this past Sunday he released a couple tracks. 

The first track "Black Jesus" has a short sample that sounds amazing mixed with the heavy drums of the song. Game's bars are also on point here. He seems to be spitting with a purpose. Maybe a concept album is just what he needs. With a clear thesis for the album his bars might become more focused and relevant. Listen to "Black Jesus" below. 

The one and only DJ Premier produces the next track "HVN4AGNGSTA." Like all Premo songs it sounds impeccable. The beat, the sample, everything has a unique sound that is not found in many songs. Very few producers can craft this sound like Premier and once again Game is so lucky to have people come through for him like this. His verse on this is not bad, but you are left to wonder that if a certain unnamed "Good Kid" were to hop on this he would destroy it. Listen to the track below. 

The final track is not a part of the "Sunday Service" series but a full track from Jesus Piece. The track is "Hallelujah" and it features Jamie Foxx singing with a full choir supporting him in the background. The song is a recap of a typical Sunday in church for Game. The song is actually entertaining as he talkes about all the different people you would meet in the lords house. Check out the track below. 

From the snippets and tracks that have been released so far I believe that this album will be just like the other Game albums. As far as beats and production it will be flawless. My concern is the bars. I do not think he can deliver consistently over all 18 tracks. I think his features will outshine him again, and they will be good tracks because of these features.  For this album to be successful, Game will have to be at his lyrical best. While I would love this to happen I cannot see it going down. Time will tell if Jesus Piece will deliver and thrust Game back into the spotlight.  

Game's Jesus Piece hits stores on December 11th. 

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