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Wiz Khalifa 2050 Tour Part 2

by Photo of Louis Santiago

Wiz and his crew release a second video from their current tour

In this article…

In the second installment of the DayToday 2050 Tour, we follow Wiz and the rest of Taylor Gang as they travel to Canada. Like most rappers when they travel, they always run into issues when they are crossing borders. Everyone knows Juicy J likes pills and when he was questioned about them he told the  authorities that they were vitamins. I don't know about you guys, but I find that excuse funny because in terms of rap years Juicy is pretty old. He still makes great music and is a master behind the boards, but that excuse is priceless.

The video also shows us what Wiz and the Taylor Gang dressed up as for Halloween. I'm not sure if they had exact characters in mind, but it was entertaining to see them in costume. Wiz dressed up in white face and a nappy Afro and donned a creepy white man voice and just repeated the phrase "OH YEAH!" Everyone else in the gang took more typical routes but it was still cool to see that they are just like everyone else and enjoy the holiday. 

The rest of the video is more behind the scenes events from the tour mixed with footage of the actual concerts. Towards the end of the video Wiz and Juicy celebrate the fact that Juicy J's song "Bands A Make Her Dance" became number one on the charts.  

The purpose of these videos is to show fans what goes on when they are not around. They are also used as promotion for the "2050 Tour." After seeing how much Taylor Gang has on tour who wouldn't want to go to one of their shows. 

Wiz Khalifa 2050 Tour Part 2

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