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Watch: Ke$ha's "Die Young" [Video]

by Photo of Jennifer Markert

It has it all: cults, wolves, dancing, and the police.

Watch: Ke$ha's

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Other than what seems to be a gold tooth and slightly lighter hair, Ke$ha is the same gritty and unapologetic pop diva we're all familiar with in one way or another. Whether by choice or by force, the dirty glitter that has become Ke$ha's signature is something that clung to everyone as glitter is wont to do, and her video for “Die Young” is no exception. It's contagious, irreverent, and kind of trashy in a way that deserves appreciation. Ke$ha doesn't care about being a role model, or even a pop star – though her identity is pretty consistently either getting drunk, already drunk, or hungover, she does all three things pretty damn well.

The video itself depicts Ke$ha as a cult leader, taking off with her disciples for a dance party/orgy (no surprise there), an adventure full of pentagrams, dirty mattresses, fondling, and wolves. Yes, wolves. The song itself goes along the same narrative has her previous hits, the hook line being “let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young” accompanied by serious beats and repetition. Make no mistake, Ke$ha is all about the party (you can tell because of the way she spells her name), and this party is particularly freaky. Until the “po po” come to shut it down, literally this time.

All in all, I feel as if Ke$ha operates in a world a little different from that in which we live, at least as is depicted in her music and videos. Frankly, I'm willing to accept this world, as I get real life stuff on a regular enough basis that a little bit of cult sexy-time doesn't seem like a half-bad idea. Go wolves. Go Ke$ha. Go party -- as long as you can wake up the next day for work in a place besides jail or Mexico. 

Ke$ha's newest album Warrior will be available in stores on December 4th. Best or worst Christmas gift? It truly depends. 

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