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Watch: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love in "Uncle Drew: Chapter 2" [VIDEO]

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Irving and Love dominate a totally random and not staged at all pickup game in a Pepsi MAX ad.

When we were first introduced to Uncle Drew, the old man owning youngsters on the street ball courts.  It was a masterful video with the perfect layer of awesome basketball and that genuine "What's going on right now?" surprise when the big reveal came: "Uncle Drew" was really Kyrie Irving in old make-up.  The viral marketing ad by Pepsi MAX was a big hit, and I thought that it was pretty brilliant.

Well, Pepsi MAX rolled out their second version of the campaign.  This one starts out with Drew receiving a quick pep-talk from Bill Russell (which was pretty awesome), followed by Drew going out to get his old pal "Wes."  The two hit the court, where the same premise plays out.  Wes air-balls attempts, drops passes, falls down, and looks like an old man playing basketball.  But after warming up, Drew and Wes put on an absolute show.  In the twist everyone saw coming, they reveal that Wes was none other than Kevin Love.

The novelty of the video definitely was lost, but it was still fairly entertaining.  Love isn't as convincing of an old man as Irving is, and the gratuitous Pepsi MAX placement all over the video (not to mention the beautiful extras that just to happen to be enjoying this "impromptu" pick-up game and Pepsi MAX at the same time) kind of kill the vibe.  Plus, what hoop head doesn't know about Uncle Drew at this point?  And who wouldn't know that the tall white dude draining threes and throwing down dunks wasn't Kevin Love?  

Watch: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love in

The sequel definitely falls short, but it's still fun.  Watch the video above, and then let us know what you think in the comments section below.  If you want to see Uncle Drew dominate in the NBA, let CHARGED.fm get you tickets to see the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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