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Austin City Limits 2012 Festival

by Photo of Jennifer Markert

So many choices! A little help with making tough festival/life decisions.

Austin City Limits 2012 Festival

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but no one person, Texan or otherwise, is vast enough to experience all there is to experience at Austin City Limits Festival this year. With 130+ bands performing on 8 stages over the course of only 3 days – this upcoming weekend from 12th to the 14th – those in attendance are going to have to make some tough sacrifices when it comes to choosing which bands they want to see. First World Problems, certainly, but even my soul would hurt a little bit having to choose between The Shins and The Roots – how can one enjoy “Pink Bullets” when they know, somewhere not too far off, that “The Seed” is rocking people's socks off? 

Now while the elite few superheroes and time travelers among us might be able to fly/transport themselves around this sticky issue, the mortal majority will need a way of picking that won't leave them full of the inevitable agony comparable to picking between two lovers (we'll call them John and Gary). If you find yourself at Austin City Limits in this difficult situation, here are some propositions on how to choose without causing yourself irreparable damage and stress. These methods work for picking between two lovers, as well.

The Coin Toss

Simple, but effective. What's that, you say? Bassnector and Gotye are both playing at 7pm on Saturday?  I could get my panties in a bundle, but assuming I had enough money to afford Austin City Limits I probably have a quarter to spare (not to mention panties). Heads is Bassnector, tails is Gotye. I flip the coin – heads it is, no looking back! Sorry Gotye, now you're just some concert to which today I can't go. Oh, John and Gary both want to go out tonight? Same deal. 

Battle of the Bands/Boys

This method requires imagination – because there is no actual way in which we can get Weezer and Florence and the Machine to go head to head, it's up to me and my brain to make it happen for the sake of all that is good and musical. If I change Florence and the Machine to Florence and the machine gun, and Weezer to Seize-her, depending on where my mind is at either could be winners, depending on whether Weezer seizes Florence before she shoots them, of course. I'm putting my money on Florence. Boy trouble? Make John and Gary duel over taking you out, this is every lady's dream. 

Spontaneous Third Choice

Problem: I can't decide between Freelance Whales and Stars at 1:15 on Sunday. Life would be so easy without free will. Turns out there are three other bands playing in this time-slot that I haven't heard of. Why not use this opportunity to introduce myself to a whole new band instead of weighing how much I like music that, well, I already know and like? This method allows for risk, and therefore excitement – also, I might discover in the mean time that I like Moon Duo a lot more than either band, especially considering I'm going into it with zero expectations. When choosing between lovers this is also risky, though meeting someone new is always refreshing. Maybe Ricky will outshine both John and Gary, if only you give him a chance.  

Sentimental Justification

Say it ain't so, Jack White and Neil Young, both at 8pm on Saturday? I might as well just kill myself, right? Wrong. This is the part where I make a snap decision and tell myself that I'll totally make it up to Neil Young by buying his merchandise and listening to his album on the flight home, so that I don't have to feel guilty when rocking out with Jack White. This one doesn't work so well in the relationship context – it's like going on a romantic date with John and then booty-calling Gary. With people, this is not ethical, but I'm giving you the OK just this once – it's okay to date Jack White and booty call Neil Young. It will all be worth it in the end, and anything goes with ACL.

Still conflicted? I advise you just go with your gut.  And check out the line-up for all three days of the festival. Of course, these scenarios will only work if you've secured yourself tickets to ACL -- if you can deal with making crazy hard decisions, I have a feeling you will be gaining much more than you will lose.  

Let CHARGED.fm get you the best tickets to attend Austin City Limits Festival! 

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