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What To Expect When Seeing "Hotel Transylvania"

by Photo of Pamela Zambrano

Sandler’s Hotel Transylvania delivers everything you would expect from an animated movie.

What To Expect When Seeing

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Hotel Transylvania is a family movie (G-rated) which revolves around a father and daughter relationship. The Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler) in this movie is definitely not like the one you read about in the classic Victorian novel. In this one, he doesn’t even drink human blood anymore and instead feeds on a blood substitute. The only time that he does anything that even remotely resembles being wicked is if someone or something threatens to harm his daughter Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez). All of this however is of course no surprise especially when you consider that Adam Sandler produced and stars in the film. Sandler is someone who likes to make families laugh together and he is going to do that even if his character was originally created to be a fearsome vampire.  

In the film, Dracula is a very affectionate and doting father to his daughter. He has been keeping her safely within his monsters only hotel her whole life. Despite having grown up hearing stories about vampires being mercilessly destroyed by humans and many, many, many warnings from Dracula, Mavis longs to finally be allowed to go into the real world. Dracula agreed to let her go to Hawaii on her 118th birthday but when the time finally arrives he decides that he just can’t take the risk of separation. He plays a trick on her to fool her into believing that she would be persecuted for being different in the normal world. To cheer her up he decides to give her a huge birthday party with all sorts of colorful, eccentric, and playful monster creatures as guests. The party is all set to occur when all of a sudden a human young male (Andy Samberg) cluelesssly wonders inside the hotel.  

Under regular circumstances any mortal would have died or been frightened out of his mind but the young visitor doesn’t react like most normal rational people would react in the same situation. He is a very bizarre individual who is a fan of the supernatural. When he meets Mavis, he thinks that she is the most beautiful thing that he has ever seen. He pleads to Dracula to let him stay. Dracula agrees to the request but only because he is worried that Mavis will find out that she’s been lied to her whole life. After a quick couple of comedic turns the human boy ends up pretending that he is Frankenstein’s cousin named Johnny who is there to help with the party.  The monsters take an interest in Johnny and want to play with him because they think he is fun. Mavis thinks she may be falling in love and Dracula has to keep everything under control. He must hide Johnny’s mortality and keep up pretenses or risk losing Mavis forever. 

The movie does have a lot of funny moments, but like most animated films, it is mostly intended for kids and their parents. It is everything that you would expect an animated movie would be except that it won't have adults wishing that they could just fast forward to the end. Thanks to his humor, Sandler easily gets away with turning such a famous character like Dracula into a family man.

Other stars lending their voices to this comedy include Sandler collaborators Kevin James, Steve Buscemi, David Spade and Allen Covert. CeeLo Green, Fran Drescher, Molly Shannon and Jon Lovitz also provided voice work. Hotel Transylvania provides a bonding moment for fathers and daughters, and a stress free way to keep your kid sibling entertained. 

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