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Upon Further Review: Wacky Week Three

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

A quick rundown of all the insane things that happened during Sunday’s games.

Upon Further Review: Wacky Week Three

Yesterday, some crazy stuff happened across the National Football League.  I'm not just talking about the super loud "BS" chant that rang out multiple times in Baltimore last night (which elicited Al Michaels to say it was the loudest manure chant he's ever heard), but there were some crazy plays that took place all throughout the day.  From overtime games to trick plays and fluke scores, week three had it all, if all you were looking for were those things.  We'd be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn't take some time out to acknowledge all of the insanity that occurred.  So let's take a look at the videos for some of these plays.

Darius Reynaud's "Music City Miracle"

The Tennessee Titans were involved in probably the wackiest game of the day with the Detroit Lions, and two of the biggest plays for the Titans came courtesy of return man Darius Reynaud.  First, with Tennessee trailing 6-3 late in the first quarter, Reynaud received a punt near the right sideline.  After taking a few steps, Reynaud launched a lateral all the way across the field to a wide open Tommie Campbell.  With most of the defense on the other side of the field, Cambell raced basically untouched to the end zone.

Bills fans: don't watch this video.  It's going to bring up scars that probably haven't healed from Frank Wychek's lateral back in 1998.

Reynaud wasn't done with that, either.  Midway through the fourth quarter, Reynaud returned a kickoff 105 yards to tie the game at 27.  This certainly was a banner day for Tennessee's special teams.  That is, until the end of the fourth quarter, when:

Detroit Lions Recover Onside Kick, Execute Hail Mary

After the Titans returned a fumble for a touchdown with just 1:16 remaining in the game to go ahead 41-27, the game looked all but wrapped up.  Matthew Stafford left with a strained leg, and it would be up to Shaun Hill to lead some sort of miraculous comeback.  That he did.  Hill led Detroit on a touchdown-scoring drive, but there were just 18 seconds remaining when Calvin Johnson caught the pass.  Down seven, Detroit would need to recover the onside kick and then hope for another miracle.  

They recovered the onside kick.  Next was the miracle.

Hail mary passes never work.  That's why they are called hail mary passes.  But Titus Young was able to secure the tipped pass for the tying score.  The Lions would eventually go on to lose in overtime, but that is one valiant effort by Detroit.

Mohamed Sanu's Wildcat Touchdown Pass

The Bengals faced another team in Washington that was tough to put away.  That didn't look like it was going to be the case after the first play of the game.  With quarterback Andy Dalton lined up wide, receiver Mohamed Sanu took the snap in the shotgun.  After a short drop back, Sanu unleashed a bomb of a throw down the middle to a wide open A.J. Green.  This looked way too easy.

How many times does a trick play like that work exactly like you think it's going to work?  Not many, I would say.  What an unbelievable throw and what speed by Green to absolutely burn the Washington secondary.

Jamaal Charles 233 yards rushing.

It's becoming clear that the Saints might not be who we thought they were, but Jamaal Charles made them look incompetent on Sunday in Kansas City's overtime win.  We've already seen big rushing performances this season (C.J. Spiller's 169 yards, Reggie Bush's 170+ yards) but Charles dwarfed those yesterday.  He torched New Orleans on the ground for 233 yards, including one 91-yard scamper for a touchdown.  

Charles also brought in six catches for 55 yards out of the backfield, and when he is running like that, Kansas City is hard to contain on offense.

Miami's Failed Ice

The Miami Dolphins had plenty of opportunities to win yesterday's game against the New York Jets.  We're not even going to get into Dan Carpenter's missed field goals.  But They certainly had an opportunity to extend overtime when the Jets lined up for the winning field goal.  Nick Folk's kick was blocked by the Dolphins, but head coach Joe Philbin went to that tried and true method of icing the kicker, negating the blocked kick and giving Folk another chance.  Without fail, Folk drilled the second one.  

How often does that ever work?  The answer is not enough to keep employing it, that's how often.

Joel Dreessen Tipped Touchdown Catch

In what looked like a game of taps, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning fired a fastball to Evan Decker in the end zone only to have the ball deflect up and away from him and the two defenders trying to make a play on the ball.  It just so happened that tight end Joel Dreessen was right behind the action and reeled in the easy touchdown grab.  That made it a seven-point game, but Denver couldn't get any closer than that.

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