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Love Him or Hate Him, Larry is Coming

by Photo of Michelle Bair

The comedian’s tour tickets go on sale tomorrow, and his newest film “Cars 2” will premier this weekend.

Love Him or Hate Him, Larry is Coming

If you’re a fan of the Blue Collar Comedy king who coined the phrase "Git-R-Done," you will be happy to know that tickets to see him go on sale tomorrow.

Larry the Cable Guy is a belly-busted, sleeveless shirt-wearing comic who tells it as he sees it—and I love him for that.  I always appreciate a silly man with honesty.

Larry was recently reported by ABC news for wearing a “Cars 2” Hawaiian shirt, advertising his latest film—which premiers this weekend and will be in theaters next week.   

“It’s slimming,” Larry said with his thick Southern drawl during the interview—in regards to his shirt.  “That is why I like it!”

Larry also has a show on the History channel called “Only in America” on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.  He is in the process of shooting season 2, according to his blog.

Larry’s tour will bring him to Wisconsin in June, and several states throughout August:

Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maryland and Nebraska.

For the best tickets to see Larry the Cable Guy, go to Charged.fm

Git-R-Done, everyone! 







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