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Photo: Chris Brown Gets "Beaten Woman" Tattoo

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The image of a woman with bruises, stitches, and cuts is now permanently inked on Brown’s neck.

Photo: Chris Brown Gets

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Image via HipHollywood.com

It just became a whole lot easier to dislike Chris Brown.  The highly controversial hip-hop artists just got a tattoo, one that appears to depict the face of a beaten woman, on his neck.  It's a pretty ghastly-looking tattoo.  The face has cuts, bruises, stitches, and incredibly black eye, and even an eye that is completely sewn up.  

Obviously the comparisons are being made to ex-girlfriend-that-still-loves-him Rihanna's face after Chris Brown attacked her back in 2009.  The right side of her face was more damaged, just like the woman on Brown's neck, but it's too grisly to even compare the two.  I don't think that it's a tattoo of Rihanna, but it's still disgusting both in appearance and its significance.  

I am having trouble finding the words to express how I feel about this tattoo.  The message it sends just wreaks of arrogance and ambivalence towards women.  How can an artist performs songs about "love" with an image like that on your body with any ounce of credibility?  It's all very disturbing and creepy, and just another telling sign of Brown's major issues.

I'd like to see his devoted "Team Breezy" try and defend this latest action.  You know what, never mind.  I don't want to see that.

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