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Report: Knicks Won't Match Lin's Offer Sheet

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Howard Beck is saying the Knicks will let Jeremy Lin walk instead of matching the three-year deal.

Report: Knicks Won't Match Lin's Offer Sheet

As unthinkable as it seemed at the end of the season and at the beginning of the offseason, it looks like Jeremy Lin will not be a New York Knick this season.  Howard Beck of the New York Times just filed this report:

The Knicks plan to cut ties with Jeremy Lin on Tuesday night, according to a person briefed on the decision, ending a brief, spectacular and now bittersweet love affair between the 23-year-old point guard and his adoring fan base. Lin will play next season for the Houston Rockets, who signed him to a three-year, $25.1 million offer sheet that the Knicks have elected not to match.

The Knicks are not expected to announce their decision until this evening, and there is still a chance — albeit incredibly small — that it could be reversed. But as of 4 p.m. the decision had been made and was considered final by those with knowledge of the deliberations. Indeed, the deliberations were said to be over.

I'm still holding out for that remote, incredibly small chance that Beck alludes to that the Knicks will go back and change their minds on this, but it seems over.  Today was the final day that the Knicks had to deliberate, and it's funny that the decision comes after smart basketball minds like David Aldridge and Larry Coon wrote that the Knicks should keep Lin.  After his amazing 26-game run last season, the Knicks will be handing over point guard duties to Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd.  

It seems like ages ago when I saw Jeremy Lin's first start with the Knicks against the Utah Jazz live at Madison Square Garden.  The electricity in the Garden was palpable.  Everyone watching Lin in action knew that we were seeing something special.  We didn't know what "Linsanity" would turn in to, but we saw tangible results on the court in concert with an incredible story and phenomenon.  

Now, that special thing is likely gone to Houston.  The financial reasons behind the decision I understand, but they are still hard to accept.  The stretch provision and trading Lin to teams that could use the cap relief were all solutions available to the Knicks had they chosen to match Houston's offer.  Now because of those worries, the Knicks and their fans are left with "What if's?" surrounding what Jeremy Lin could have been had he stayed in New York.  We don't know if he would have adjusted with Carmelo Anthony and Mike Woodson.  We don't know if he would have been better or worse in whatever role he had in this new offense.  We don't know if all of this was just a fluke and Lin really was just inflated by D'Antoni's offense.  We don't really know the limit to his star if his shooting improved and his turnovers declined.  With this decision, the Knicks gave up on so much potential, and that's the saddest part about this to me.

But we'll always have Linsanity, and we'll always have this game-winner, maybe my favorite moment of that entire, crazy period that I still can't believe existed.  If indeed you are gone, Jeremy, best of luck in Houston. 

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