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Who's Endorsing Whom? A List of Obama's and Romney's Supporters

by Photo of Hannah Rettoun

What gets you to the White House is who you know, not what you know.

Who's Endorsing Whom? A List of Obama's and Romney's Supporters

Unless you've been living under several rocks, you're aware that this is an election year.  With campaign season in full swing, it's good to better acquaint yourself with each candidate's posse. 

While many senators and representatives have taken sides, their choices are usually pretty predictable. They stick to their own party.  Celebrities, on the other hand, aren't so easy to read.  Famous people are who we look up to, so for some reason we believe their opinion matters (sometimes more than those who represent us).  

Let's take a look at who is supporting the presidential hopefuls.  

In Obama's corner are Microsoft founder and CEO Bill Gates, queen of television and giver of free stuff Oprah Winfrey, handsome man George Clooney, Sherlock Holmes AND Iron Man, Robert De Niro, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Will Ferrell, love of my life Tom Hanks,  Meryl Streep, Harry Potter, Betty White, Al and Cee Lo Green, and many others

The Obama camp also published this video today:

As for Team Romney, there's KISS frontman Gene Simmons, country-rap(?) star Kid Rock, blue collar comedian Jeff Foxworthy, father to Angelina Jolie Jon Voight, the indestructible Chuck Norris, 1984 Olympic speed skating champion Dan Jansen, Christine O'Donnell who is "not a witch," former Obama supporter Cindy Crawford, Brad Pitt's mom, hate-monger Ted Nugent, and Donald 'Show-me-your-birth-certificate'Trump.

Famous people tend to believe their endorsement is doing the candidate a favor.  In some cases, it's true.  Unfortunately there's bound to be mud slinging from both sides that may sway which side you lean to.  Let's just hope you base your vote on facts and politics instead of celebrity endorsements, no matter how rich or handsome the celebrity. 

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