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Deron Williams Chooses Brooklyn

by Photo of Rob Rubinstein

Williams received a 5-year $98 million deal from the Brooklyn Nets

Deron Williams Chooses Brooklyn

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Deron Williams had a very difficult decision to make: whether to stay a Net or head to Dallas and play for the Mavericks. After pondering over the two options, Williams decided to carry on with his Net career and play the next 5 years in Brooklyn, New York. The Nets and Williams agreed on a 5-year $98 million deal on Tuesday. Brooklyn's newly acquired shooting guard Joe Johnson and recently signed forward Gerald Wallace might have made the choice a little bit easier for Williams.

Dallas was an appealing option for the superstar point guard because Dirk Nowitzki still has a few years left before his game begins to decline, to go along with the fact that Dallas had won the NBA championship only two seasons ago. Also, owner Mark Cuban is beloved by all of his players and Rick Carlisle has entrenched himself as one of the top coaches in the NBA. According to Jason Kidd, who is still weighing his own free agent options, Williams was very close to signing with the Mavs before he ultimately decided to sign with Brooklyn.

Following the Williams contract agreement, the Nets are still aren't done. Brooklyn already signed Mirza Televetovic, the talented Bosnian forward, with their mini-midlevel exception. They completed a sign-and-trade for forward Reggie Evans, a player that does the dirty work and doesn't need the ball to contribute.  And they are still looking to add Dwight Howard to the mix, but the pieces the Nets are willing to deal for the center are less than stellar in the eyes of the Magic organization. Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks and three 1st round picks was the Nets offer to the Magic, and that's still a decent haul. 

However, it seems that they could receive a more enticing offer elsewhere, including the Lakers, who have Andrew Bynum to potentially trade. The problem with a Lakers/Magic trade is that Howard has made it clear that he wants to play in Brooklyn and no where else, which means that the Lakers may not be able to sign Howard long term. The Nets do have other big man options such as restricted free agent Ersan Ilyasova, who had a tremendous second half last year for the Bucks. Milwaukee already offered him a contract, and the only way the Nets could acquire him would be through a sign-and-trade.

Either way, the Nets are looking to make more moves this off-season in preparation for the much anticipated debut in Brooklyn for the organization and its fans. Even if they fail to land another big name, the Brooklyn Nets have already made major strides in the right direction. As a result, they have transformed themselves from being one of the laughing stocks in the East to a team that could make some serious noise in the postseason year in and year out.

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