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Watch: Jana Kramer Explains "Why Ya Wanna"

by Photo of Lyndsay Krisel

Jana Kramer tells CMT the true meaning behind her hit song “Why Ya Wanna”

Watch: Jana Kramer Explains

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What I love most about country music is that it oftentimes tells a story,and captures the uniqueness in those little moments that people tend to overlook. You know, like those awkward inconveniences that can unexpectedly occur between two people who have been in a relationship, such as an ex showing up to remind you exactly why you fell for them in the first place. But the real reason for my obsession is that it also has the power to speak truthfully and can show exactly who a person is. It is open and honest music that represents the artist's true colors, which is exactly what Jana Kramer's new song "Why Ya Wanna" expresses, as she tells CMT Music what her heartfelt lyrics really mean.  

The young, outdoorsy lover from Michigan explains that the video makers wanted to incorporate things that were true to who she really was.  Pieces within the video were relevant to many things Kramer loved while growing up, such as riding bikes, fishing, and spending her  days in outdoors.  She also mentions that this sort of representation was a good way for fans to get to know the real her, and not some social-obsessed girl out of Los Angeles.  She felt fully comfortable with herself, and stated that she was able to explore aspects of her personality which required a bit of self confidence to do.  

The song itself perfectly pin-points the horrible inconvenience of having to encounter an ex-boyfriend who, unfortunately for Kramer, is nothing but kind and makes her fall weak at the reality that he broke her heart.  It is quite touching, beautifully written and performed, and nothing short of addicting, as I have found that the song refuses to leave my head.  If you have not yet heard it, take a look, as Kramer gives her video recap, and a little taste of the true, outdoorsy kinda gal she is.  You can also check out her new album, available on iTunes. 

And here's the music video without the artist commentary for your viewing pleasure:

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ho5HV_9_o_E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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