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Mike Trout Becoming Household Name

by Photo of Thomas Decker

The 20-year-old outfielder has been on a tear this season and people are finally beginning to notice.

Mike Trout Becoming Household Name

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2 for 4, 2 runs scored, 2 RBI and one home-run. No, those weren't Albert Pujols' stats in Monday night's 3-2 Los Angeles Angels' win over the Los Angeles Dodgers; those were Mike Trout's.

The world is finally beginning to realize that Bryce Harper isn’t the only young outfielder taking Major League Baseball by storm. 20-year-old Trout is quietly eating up Major League pitching (no pun intended) and has Angels’ fans back in good spirits.

The pre-Trout era this season was one to forget for the Angels. After offseason signings of first baseman Albert Pujols and starting pitcher C.J Wilson, baseball fans immediately began talk of championship contention for the Halos. However, a 6-14 start pitted them as baseball’s biggest early season disappointment. Twenty games into the young 2012 season, the Angels turned to their future for help.

Trout was drafted 25th overall by the Angels in 2009. In 2011, despite being called up to majors for 40 games, he was named the Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year. It seemed as though Trout might spend more time in the minors this season to develop but, with their early troubles, the Angels needed a boost. Through 42 games thus far Trout has hit .341 which leads all Angels’ players. He's tied for fifth in the majors with 16 steals despite only playing in 42 out of his team's 64 games. He’s also scored 35 runs and recorded 58 hits, which are first and second respectively on the team.

Since Trout was called up to replace Bobby Abreu, the Angels have gone 28-16 and have climbed back over .500. Trout has provided energy and excitement to a team that needed a spark. With most of the baseball world focused on Bryce Harper’s rookie season with the Nationals, Trout has somewhat flown under-the-radar. This guy is a five-tool player that should not go unnoticed. Trout’s still scratching the surface when it comes to his potential, which is scary to think about. In the meantime we might as well just watch and enjoy. 

So next time you see “Big Game for Trout”, for example, on the side of your ESPN Sports Center panel, don't change the channel; it won't be about fishing, I promise. 

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