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Controversial Decision in Pacquiao vs. Bradley will be Reviewed by WBO

by Photo of Alex Ellefson

Investigations into the unpopular split-decision are forthcoming, but don’t expect the results to be overturned.

Controversial Decision in Pacquiao vs. Bradley will be Reviewed by WBO

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Yesterday, Yahoo! Sports reported that the World Boxing Organization intends to launch an investigation into the controversial outcome of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight. 

The 12-round bout, which occurred Saturday, June 9, ended in a split decision in favor of Timothy Bradley. Since the results, it seems like everyone except the judges thinks that the victory should have gone to Pacquiao, who landed 253 punches to Bradley's 159. The startling decision unleashed a firestorm from boxing fans who have expressed outrage on social networks and boxing forums. In a recent poll by boxingscene.com, eighty-three percent of voters thought that Pacquiao should have won the fight. Even Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has been petitioned to overturn the results. 

The WBO announced that a panel of five international judges will review the fight and comment on the how it was scored. Keith Kizer, the executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, also plans to investigate the results. He will sit down with the three original judges and ask them to explain their scoring in every round.

Although the Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto has refused to comment about an investigation, Yahoo! Sports reported that her office has requested documents regarding the fight.

The most vocal proponent of an investigation has been promoter Bob Arum. But it is likely that Arum is just covering his own ass after coming under fire, along with the judges, for tampering with the results of the fight. Also, Arum is likely to profit if the decision is overturned, since a fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather or a rematch with Marquez would likely be more lucrative than another battle with Bradley.

Boxing fans shouldn't expect the decision to be overturned. The WBO, Nevada Athletic Commission, and Bob Arum are probably trying to appease critics of the unpopular decision. But no matter what the investigations might turn up, the sport of boxing has already sustained another heavy blow to its credibility. 

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