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Frenemies No Longer: Drake and Chris Brown Feud Gets Physical

by Photo of Emily Smibert

Drake, Chris Brown, and entourages throw bottles at New York bar

Frenemies No Longer:  Drake and Chris Brown Feud Gets Physical

Last night Chris Brown and Drake were at it again, and this time it got bloody.  According to our friends over at MTV, the two singers and their entourages made their way separately to SoHo club, W.I.P. for a little after dark shenanigans. Chris Brown is rumored to have sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake's table as a sort of peace offering and 'cheers' to the night. Drake apparently would not accept Brown's gesture and returned the bottle with an unconfirmed note claiming he was "f******  the love of your life... deal with it." 

Brown, who was spotted taking in the Miami Heat game with the beloved Rihanna this past weekend with her family, erupted in a rage since Drake supposedly hooked up with the songstress over Memorial Day weekend, according to MTV. The original feud was sparked back in 2009 when Drake and Rihanna had an affair when Brown and Rihanna were still together. 

The NYPD has reported to TMZ that early in the morning the two groups clashed and threw bottles leaving 5 people with minor injuries. Brown and Drake were not at the club when police arrived and no arrests have been made. 

Brown posted this photograph of the injuries he sustained as a result of the brawl last night on Instagram via Twitter. The image has since been taken off of Twitter along with the explicit tweet accompanying it suggesting Drake initiated the physical altercation: 

"How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol... Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!." 

If a relationship relapse is in the works for Rihanna and one of her beaus, then I'm sure this won't be the only battle of the exes we see.     

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