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Going GAGA for Lady Gaga's New Album Announcement

by Photo of Kryshel Charles

Lady Gaga makes an exciting announcement about her 3rd studio album.

Going GAGA for Lady Gaga's New Album Announcement

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Yesterday, Lady Gaga took to Twitter and admitted that she had shared some new music with someone named @ladystarlightny. Early this morning, she finally announced that she had new material for an album and will be releasing the title in September. Her little monster followers on Twitter were nothing but excited for their Mother Monster’s news.  I guess I’m a little monster now too, because I’m excited! What can you expect from a woman who has done it all? Everything imagineable…and unimaginable?

“Look for the unexpected,” says her co-manager, Vincent Herbert in a video by That Grape Juice. He also reveals that Gaga had been working on the new record while on tour for her last album, Born This Way, which sold 8 million records worldwide.  Obviously writing on tour is difficult, but her co-manager promises greatness and we expect nothing less from Gaga. He also mistakenly tells fans that the album name would be revealed in August.

Earlier this week, her friend Elton John shared his fear about Gaga’s health because of her non-stop schedule. Back in January, Gaga had to cancel a show because of dizziness and trouble breathing. “I know how tiny she is and I do worry about her, yes,” John says. Elton John knows the lifestyle all too well and simply hopes the best for the godmother of his son.

Lady Gaga already knew what her next album concept would be…only 6 months after dropping Born This Way.  I’m sure there have already been speculations about Gaga’s album title, especially after the video MTV released back in December.  Monster Mash?  I don’t care much about the title. All of the controversy surrounding Lady Gaga overseas--having to cancel in Indonesia because of her provocative styled performances, and having an adult only policy at her Korea show--made me more excited for the limit-pushing music videos. Take a look at one of my favorite Lady Gaga videos, "Judas" below.

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