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Hit and Run: Mother's Day Weekend

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Walk-off wins, Andy Pettitte’s return, and Josh Hamilton highlighted Mother’s Day weekend.

Hit and Run: Mother's Day Weekend

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and if you didn't know that, you probably have a mother who is very upset with you right now.  Sports do not stop on Mother's Day, but play on so that sons and daughters can make their respective moms proud.  Baseball is no exception, and some fine Mother's Day moments happened yesterday.

Walk-Off Grand Slams

Walk-off home runs are always fun, but when you can add the drama of the bases fully loaded, it makes it even better.  It's not often baseball fans are treated with walk-off grand slams, but yesterday we were treated to two of them.  

In a rainy affair at Great American Ballpark, the Cincinnati Reds trailed the Washington Nationals 6-5 with two outs and the bases juiced in the bottom of the ninth.  After a walk loaded them up, Votto came to bat with a nice 3-4, two-home run game going.  He decided to cap off his day by adding a third home run, a no-doubter to center off Henry Rodriguez that gave the Reds a 9-6 win.  Votto was in a bit of a power struggle before that, coming into the game with just two home runs.  He increased his total by a cool 150% and got the Reds a win to boot.

In Miami, the Marlins gave the Mets a 4-2 lead in the top half of the 9th inning.  The umpires helped out the Marlins in the bottom half, squeezing Mets' closer Frank Francisco when he pitched to tall catcher John Buck.  Francisco walked him, then gave up a hit to pinch-hitter Greg Dobbs.  Francisco was visibly rattled and frustrated with the strike zone, and was ejected after Terry Collins pulled him.  In came Manny Acta, who surrendered the tying sac fly.  After a walk and a HBP, the bases were loaded for Giancarlo Stanton, who absolutely unloaded on a ball to the tune of 432 feet.  Just like that, it's a six-run inning and an 8-4 win for the Marlins.

Andy Pettitte Returns... With a Loss

Andy Pettitte made his long-awaited return to pinstripes yesterday afternoon against the Seattle Mariners.  Many female Yankees fans that grew up with Pettitte during the 90s may be mothers now, and there certainly was no shortage of women showed up to Yankee Stadium yesterday to see one of their favorites return. The Yankees were looking to finish off a sweep, and early on Pettitte looked poised to do that.  He kept the Seattle Mariners hitless through 3.2 innings, but that first hit proved to be a deciding blow.  

After a two-out walk to Jesus Montero, first baseman Justin Smoke took a hanging curveball and deposited 382 feet and into the stands.  After that, the Mariners began to really hit Pettitte hard, but he was able to pitch into the seventh inning.  As Mike Axisa wrote at Fangraphs, the start was a mixed bag for Pettitte.  His velocity was solid, especially on his cutter, but righties were more effective against him because he missed with that pitch.  All in all, it was a quality result that he can build on, and as a Yankees fan, it was just great seeing him up there on the mound again.

Josh Hamilton Continues to Sizzle

That Josh Hamilton fellow, the one who hit four home runs recently, continued to do impressive things over the weekend.  During Texas' three-game stint against the Angels, all Hamilton did was go 6-13 at the plate with three home runs and six RBI.  You could say that he is sizzling at this point, but I don't know if that even captures just how amazing he is at the game of baseball right now.  Let's go to the thesaurus: scorching, scalding, torrid, crackerjack, boiling, sweltering, blistering, supernova (yes I'm dipping into nouns), or maybe just all of those words rolled into one.

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