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Jamie Moyer: Record Breaker

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

On Tuesday, Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher to win a game in major league history.

Jamie Moyer: Record Breaker

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Last night, Jamie Moyer earned his first win of the season for the Colorado Rockies.  He went seven scoreless innings against the Padres, scattering six hits and walking two in the process.  He also induced three double plays in the third, fourth, and fifth innings.  He also did it at 49 years and 150 days of age, making him the oldest pitcher to ever win a game in major league history.  The previous holder of that distinction was Jack Quinn, who accomplished the feat when he was 49 years and 70 days old. 

One of the more memorable lines in the Oscar-nominated movie "Moneyball" came from star Brad Pitt, who uttered to his table of scouts "Adapt or die," in a very deadpan tone.  This is true for Jamie Moyer, who has had to adapt his pitching style in lieu of his declining velocity.  According to the PitchFx Velocity Charts on FanGraphs, Moyer's fastball hasn't topped 85 mph in the last six years.  This year, his fastball hasn't topped 80.  How is he getting hitters out? 

With guile.  Moyer doesn't have overpowering stuff, so he locates well, changes speeds, and keeps hitters off balance with his slower repertoire.  Moyer is a testament to longevity and adaptability, and it's fun to see a man still pitching with success at his age.  And with the way Moyer has looked to start this season (he hasn't given up more than three earned runs in any of his first three starts), it looks like he can still get the job done.

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