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Stan Van Gundy Says Dwight Howard Wanted Him Fired

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

During media availability, Van Gundy said Dwight asked for the coach to be fired, then Howard denied it.

Stan Van Gundy Says Dwight Howard Wanted Him Fired

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Oh did things just get interesting in Orlando.  The Magic play host to the New York Knicks tonight, and that game has all sorts of playoff implications for the Knicks.  But no one could give a crap about all of that stuff after what went down during media availability today.

Stan Van Gundy, Orlando's head coach since 07-08, came out and confirmed that Dwight Howard wanted him to be fired.  Here are the string of tweets from The New York Times' Howard Beck:

Unbelievably, Howard actually came over during Van Gundy's media time, put his arm around his shoulder, and started talking to the press.  You can't make that stuff up, guys.

Obviously somebody is lying, and I'm going to put my money on Howard.  Van Gundy has had to put up with his petulant big man for far too long now, and obviously he felt the need to take a stand here.  Howard is like a wolf on steroids in a sheep on steroids' clothing.  He exudes this likable, playful persona, but then mucks it up by doing stuff like this.  Van Gundy has been one of the better and more straightforward coaches in the NBA, even back to his days when he was surreptitiously ousted by Pat Riley before Miami's championship.  If a similar coup was brewing in Orlando, he didn't want to sit idly by.

How does this situation play out?  Obviously, Howard and Van Gundy can't have a solid working relationship now that all of this stuff has been aired out.  And with the playoffs just around the corner, what does Orlando's management do?  This whole thing is just too weird to be happening this late in the season.  I really can't comprehend it all.  I for one am just happy that all of this drama can take the place of what's going on with the Knicks right now.  Enjoy the spotlight, Orlando!

UPDATE: You can watch the video in all its awkward glory right here:

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/y08gvGpGCwA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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