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Let's Celebrate a Special Knicks Trading Deadline

by Photo of Robert Jerzy

This season marks a completely different trade deadline for the New York Knicks.

Let's Celebrate a Special Knicks Trading Deadline

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Maybe you haven't noticed while Linsanity was rising, Supernovak was burning and Boom Dizzle received the award of the best backup Point Guard in the league, but we have something to celebrate. This year marks the first time, since 1999 maybe, that New York is not a big seller/buyer in the looming trade deadline frenzy. 

The Knicks have turned their fortunes recently after hitting almost rock bottom through January. Using the amnesty clause on the only Point Guard on the roster (Billups) and signing Tyson Chandler to a multi-million dollar deal prior to this condensed season had put the team into a tough situation without any training camp or extended pre season. 

In the eve of early trade rumors, the team started this miraculous run fueled by the emergence of Jeremy Lin and the comebacks of Carmelo Anthony and Baron Davis. With 10 wins in the last 13 games and the whole team starting to gel, all possibile trade scenarios, which used to be a potential salvation to the misery that was the first 20 games, died down. 

One of the big reasons for this new course is the fact that the Knicks cleverly addressed their weaknesses through free agent signings instead of looking for a mega-trade at the deadline on March 15th.

Imagine what the Knicks would have had to offer for a player like J.R. Smith in a trade scenario a year ago - at least one of these pricey draft picks New York does not own anymore. Think of the price tag a player like Baron Davis would have had if he had not been picked up as a free agent by the Knicks after getting amnestied by the Cavaliers due to health issues.

During the month of February, the coaching staff and front office finally delivered on their promises as Davis is showing improvement as the point guard off the bench, while Iman Shumpert, Jared Jeffries and Steve Novak became valuable contributors in Mike D'Antoni's rotation.

With everybody on board and healthy, Knicks fans can finally feel good about its team's roster moving forward into the second half of the season. But it is not only the fans that are able to take a deep breath, it is also the players that can be sure to stay a Knickerbocker throughout March and beyond.

The foundation of the roster is set and most of the pieces have begun to fall into their places. Both players and coaches can concentrate on the season while fans can get accustomed to the faces on the court. The time of three-team trades seems to be over and with the security of continuity, the franchise and its fans may experience a special season for the first time since ... maybe since 1999.

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