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Predictions: All-Star Weekend

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Who will win the Skills Comp? Slam Dunk Contest? MVPs? We make our best guesses.

Predictions: All-Star Weekend

After tonight's slew of games, NBA All-Star Weekend will finally be upon us.  It's a time for teams and players to rest, regroup, and just relax.  But there will still be plenty going on for all those involved in the All-Star Festivities down in Orlando.  With that in mind, let's run through the events and predict a winner* for each one.  

*These predictions are subject to change 5 minutes before the winner is announced.

Skills Challenge Winner: John Wall, Washington Wizards

Wall has skills.  So does every other competitor in the field, but I think Wall is going to come out and just embarrass everybody.  You know who would literally kill in the Skills Challenge?  Liam Neeson.

Rising Stars Game Winner: Team Shaq, MVP: Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks

I know that basketball is a team game, and Team Chuck might actually have a more conducive lineup.  But Team Shaq's roster of Blake Griffin, Ricky Rubio, Greg Monroe, and Jeremy Lin, it's hard to see those guys going down.  And the MVP for this game might be even more fixed than last year's dunk contest.  The NBA is going to milk the Jeremy Lin phenomenon for all it's worth, and his eventual MVP crown is a given to me.

Three Point Contest: Ryan Anderson, Orlando Magic

Anderson could easily wilt in the first round because of the whole playing at home thing, but he's shooting at such a high clip that it will be tough for anyone else to top him.  The wild card here in my opinion is Anthony Morrow.  He's streaky as hell, but when he's on, look out.

Slam Dunk Contest: Jeremy Evans, Utah Jazz

Because the winner will be decided by a fan vote, it's tougher to predict this one.  But neither of the four contestants are real known commodities, so the fans might pick this one purely on merit.  Because of that, I think this makes Evans the favorite because he is just a dunking machine.  The #LetJeremyDunk movement will be rewarded.

All-Star Game Winner: Eastern All-Stars; MVP: LeBron James, Miami Heat

This season seems like a silent revenge tour for LeBron James, of sorts.  He's playing like the best player in the NBA this season, and he will continue to play like that on Sunday.  Besides, he hasn't won an All-Star Game MVP since 2008.  He is long overdue for one, and because of that he will come out firing and lead the East to a win.

Bonus - Celebrity Game MVP: Tim Hardaway

I think Hardaway will play this like an actual game and the fans will have no choice but to select him as their MVP.

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