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Hoops Highlights of the Night

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Not one, but two buzzers were beaten last night on the hardwood.

Hoops Highlights of the Night

I am a sucker for buzzer beaters.  I am also a sucker for any kind of shot taken from beyond the three-point stripe. If you shoot from behind half-court, I get excited.  If you shoot from three-quarters court and beyond, I faint.

Last night featured not one, but two buzzer beaters.  And these were not your run-of-the-mill buzzer beaters either.  One came from beyond half-court, and one came from about 80 feet away.  It was magical.

The first buzzer-beater came courtesy of N.C. State's Lorenzo Brown against UNC.  The Tar Heels were putting a whooping on to the Wolfpack, but one great highlight came in the form of this heave by Brown.  He grabbed the loose rebound with around a second left in the first half and just threw it towards his basket.  To everyone's surprise, it banked in.  Check it out:

Pretty awesome, right?  I especially love head coach Mark Gottfried (no relation to Gilbert, I think) making the "count it" gesture as he was walking off the floor.  Very nice touch.

Next up, Rudy Gay and the Grizzlies were having an equally awful first quarter against the Los Angeles Clippers.  In addition to wearing some of the ugliest throwback uniforms I have ever seen, the Clippers were having their way with the Grizzlies.  Memphis had only scored 14 points as the quarter was about to expire.  Rudy Gay got the ball with about three seconds left and a full court ahead of him.  Then this happened.

That was a very nonchalant buzzer-beater, Rudy.  I guess it's good sportsmanship to not freak out knowing that his team was still trailing by 12 points. Also, Reggie Miller's "Rudy, Rudy" chants were terrible.  Don't give that a courtesy laugh, Steve Kerr.  You're better than that. 

I have to give the edge to Lorenzo Brown.  One: he's not wearing one of those Memphis Tams uniforms.  Two: His shot was WAY more difficult.  Three: his coach's reaction after was pretty epic.  Lorenzo Brown is our winner, but we all win when players hit shots like these.

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