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Stevie Johnson Mocks Plaxico Burress During TD Celebration

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

After scoring in the second quarter, Stevie Johnson put on an elaborate performance that mocked Plax.

Stevie Johnson Mocks Plaxico Burress During TD Celebration

It seems like TD celebrations have been watered down recently since the heydays of Chad Johnson/Ochocinco and Terrell Owens.  But Stevie Johnson brought us back to the good old days of wide receivers having fun in the end zone.  He scored on Darrelle Revis in the second quarter, then went into an elaborate celebration that mocked both of the Jets star receivers.

First, Johnson began dancing by himself.  He then reached for his leg as if he had been shot, a la Plaxico Burress.  After he limped around for a few minutes, he took off like an airplane through the end zone just like Santonio Holmes after he scores a touchdown.  He then proceeded to fly the airplane into the ground.  A penalty flag promptly came out.  Here's the video:

Johnson earned all 15 of those excessive celebration yards.  Well done, Stevie.

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  1. Norris Keene Jr's profile

    Norris Keene Jr

    November 28th, 2011 @11:27

    Leave Plaxico Burress alone. So what if the guy shot himself in the foot and had to do time in prison. People need to stop bringing up the past and making fun of each other.

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