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Time Runs Out on the Isles and the Coliseum

by Photo of Valentina Casamento

The dreams of extending their playoff season and life of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum came to an end.

Time Runs Out on the Isles and the Coliseum

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From the first day of the season and their ability to win against teams they once weren't able to, the New York Islanders were the most talked about team in New York. Struggles towards the end of the season quickly cost them home-ice advantage in the Stanley Cup playoffs. 

A season that began with hopes of bringing back the Stanley Cup one last time to Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum for a proper sendoff before moving to Brooklyn were dashed when the Washington Capitals took the decisive Game 7. Instead of extending the length of their playoff season, it ended the same way it has every year since 1993: without a series victory in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Islanders suffered a 2-1 loss, but that doesn't deny that they put up a good fight all series long.

With the acquisition of Jaroslav Halak, Mikhail Grabovski, Nikolay Kulemin, Nick Leddy and Johnny Boychuk, the outlook for the Isles looked completely different. This season was an important one to everyone in "Islanders Country," but now fans are forced to say goodbye to the place that stood as a home to four straight Stanley Cup championships and 19 consecutive playoff series victories from 1980-84. 

What the fans call "Fort Neverlose," where the Islanders played for 43 years, will never be home again. A new era will begin in Brooklyn where the Isles can continue their legacy, and for the sake of themselves and the fans, hopefully bring a Stanley Cup, or even a Stanley Cup playoff series victory to their new home.

The team isn't as disappointed for themselves as they are for the fans, who they dedicated this entire season to. 

Their 2014-15 regular season was their most successful, where they racked up 101 points, the most since 1983-84 where they held 104. The final game they played at Nassau Coliseum was Saturday, April 25th, where they defeated the Washington Capitals 3-1, a fitting end to a storied chapter in the franchise's history.

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