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The NY Rangers Open Rangers Hockey House & More

by Photo of Valentina Casamento

The President’s Trophy Winners get ready to take on the Pittsburgh Penguins during the first round.

The NY Rangers Open Rangers Hockey House & More


The New York Rangers have had one thing on their minds since their fate abruptly came to an end after a double-overtime loss to the Los Angeles Kings in the fifth and final game of the Stanley Cup Finals last year: returning to play for the Cup While each round was intense and kept you on the edge of your seat, nothing was as nerve-wracking as watching the Rangers experience their ups and downs this season, especially when Henrik Lundqvist faced an injury that would keep him off of the ice for at least two months. 

With that being said, the team, with the help of stand-in goaltender Cam Talbot, rose above the assumptions that they would fail without Lundqvist, which brings them to where we are today. After being the first team to clinch a Stanley Cup playoff berth and capturing the President's Trophy, the Rangers are favored to win the coveted Stanley Cup. 

The first round kicks off tonight at Madison Square Garden where the Rangers will take on the Pittsburgh Penguins and fight for a series lead, and the best place to be is obviously in the arena taking in the game live. But if you couldn't snag a ticket, below is a list of things to do to stay involved in the playoff action! 

Though playoffs can bring plenty of anxiety, they can also bring complete happiness and fun, which is why Rangerstown Hockey House will be open for business during the Rangers' playoff run. The Rangerstown Hockey House is located on 33rd street and 7th avenue in NYC, and features interactive fan games, Rangers alumni meet and greets, and chances to sign the Rangers wall and enter to win some pretty cool prizes like tickets to an upcoming game. You can find out the daily hours of the Hockey House through their Facebook and you can also pre-register for your Hockey House pass online to avoid having to wait to join in on the fun. 

Ticket prices rise during the postseason, which unfortunately can price some fans out of attending games live. This is where the Rangers Official Viewing Party Headquarters comes in. Locations have been hand-picked specifically based on how strong the support and fandom is in those areas. The viewing parties, typically held a various bars and restaurants located in New York City, are amazing ways for fans of the Rangers to meet each other and cheer for their favorite team. At each location, not only will you find Rangers fans, but you may also find alumni and giveaways! Interested in attending a viewing party? Check out the schedule here and get ready to watch the Rangers take on the Penguins!

In addition to that, the franchise also has something else for the fans! They've created white, shiny, life-size letters that spell out "RANGERSTOWN," and every few days, they move around the city to a different location. Fans can stay connected with the letters on Twitter to find out what location they'll be in next, which can even lead them to meeting alumni and winning Rangers-themed prizes. Share your snapshot on social media with the hashtag "#myplayoffmoment" to stay involved in the playoff fun.

The ideas behind these concepts are to have something for everybody. If you can't make it to the games, there is something else there for you to enjoy and bask in the excitement, whether you are at the Hockey House, a viewing party, or following the Rangerstown letters throughout New York City! 

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