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Midroll Announces New Earwolf/Wolfpop Podcasts

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Paul F. Tompkins, Jessica St. Clair & Lennon Parham, and Rich Sommer will all host new shows.

Midroll Announces New Earwolf/Wolfpop Podcasts

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Podcast nerds rejoice! Today, Midroll Media announced four new podcasts that will appear on the Earwolf and Wolfpop sites, both owned owned and operated by Midroll. Some amazing hosts will be bringing their talents to the airwaves (Is that the technical term for podcasts? Is it pod-waves?). 

Paul F. Tompkins, one of the most prolific podcasters on the scene, is getting his own show at Earwolf called Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins. Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, the comedy duo currently starring on the USA Network show Playing House, will get their own Comedy Bang! Bang! spin-off based on their characters Marissa Wompler and Charlotte Listler called Womp It Up!, also on Earwolf. 

Actor Rich Sommer, known for his work as Harry Crane on the hit drama Mad Men, hosts CARDBOARD! with Rich Sommer, a show all about board games that will launch on Wolfpop. And film executive Franklin Leonard is bringing an exciting podcast called The Black List Table Reads to WolfPop.

The official launch began today with Spontaneanation premiering on Earwolf. Tompkins, who is able to improvise and embody hilarious characters on CBB and many other shows, is bringing his own improvisational podcast to life. Joining forces once again with pianist Eban Schletter, Tompkins creates a completely improvised world, from monologue to interview (with plenty of famous friends) to sketch to see what kind of madness can be cooked up. The first episode is available now, and here's a preview of what you can expect from the show:

Marissa Wompler and her adult mentor Charlotte Listler are two of the more beloved members of the Comedy Bang! Bang! universe. She started as an intern, and now she's got her very own show on the network. Wompler's show is a new school project podcast that promises to Womp Up the Jamz from the halls of her Marina Del Rey high school. Womp It Up! will appear bi-weekly on Mondays beginning on April 20. Take a listen to a clip from the first time Wompler and Listler appeared together on Comedy Bang! Bang! back in 2012. 

Rich Sommer's new show CARDBOARD! with Rich Sommer celebrates everything board games. I know that board games are growing more popular among young adults like myself, where game nights are popping up more frequently among my network. Sommer is going to prime you on the best board games and the best cocktails (clink!) that go with them all. His first show will feature Modern Family star Ty Burrell, and it premiers on April 9. The show will run every other Thursday at Wolfpop.

The Black List Table Reads is not just a reading of scripts of James Spader's NBC show. However, it's a reading of scripts on the famous Hollywood "Black List" which groups together the top scripts that haven't been made into films yet. Franklin Leonard was the creator of the Black List (again, not the NBC series), and once a month he will assemble a group of actors to read do a reading of the script with him. The first episode will drop on April 16th, and the first script (that will be read across episodes one through four) is called Balls Out from Malcolm Spellman (producer of Empire) and Tim Talbott (winner of the 2014 Sundance Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award). A new episode drops every Thursday on Wolfpop.

More than anything, I'm excited about the variety of the new podcasts. Earwolf is a site and network devoted to shining light on great comedic voices, and these new podcasts will do exactly that. I already listened to the first episode of Spontaneanation, and my how I've missed Paul F. Tompkins and Eban Schletter together. Since it's launch last year, Wolfpop has been about highlighting the best of pop culture, and both CARDBOARD! and The Black List Table Reads are exciting forays into two completely different worlds. I'm thrilled to dig into these new shows, and I'm even more thrilled to see what Midroll Media has cooking up for the future.

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