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Kyle Korver Catches Fire [Video]

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Against the Bucks, Korver went on an 11-0 run in just a minute and five seconds.

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We must be getting close to the NBA Playoffs, because the intensity is starting to turn up around the league for teams in contention or out of the race. Last night, we saw a perfect example of that when the Atlanta Hawks faced the Milwaukee Bucks.

Kyle Korver, the league's leading three-point shooter, almost literally caught fire last night. If this were NBA Jam, the nets would have been scorched. Korver went on a personal 11-0 run that helped push Atlanta's lead from five points to 16 all in the span of 1:05. That's all it took: one minute and five seconds. 

Korver's stretch started out fine enough, as he drained a deep three from the top of the key. On the next possession, a mini-fast break, he pump-faked a defender and drained an open corner shot with his foot on the line for his second make in a row.

Korver had to work for the next two, though. On the third, he sprinted nearly the entire width of the court making a run for the ball, took the handoff and faded while dealing with outstretched arms for his third make (and second three). And finally, he takes a handoff on the left side and drills the last shot over two defenders. Four shots, 11 points. 

Kyle Korver Catches Fire [Video]

Try not getting fired up watching that. With every make, the crowd at Philips Arena goes crazier until the roof is ready to blow off the place after the final make. The bench went absolutely nuts after the last shot. That looked and felt like an NBA Playoff atmosphere.

And if you didn't know why they call Korver "Threezus", you do now.

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