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Feuding Cameramen "Brawl" Outside NBA Lockout Meeting

by Photo of Jake Langbecker

Two cameramen provided some much needed comic relief

Feuding Cameramen

In this article…

NBA fans, players, and arena workers around the country were upset to hear the news that the first 2 weeks of the NBA season had been cancelled. However, the lockout still provided some comedy last night.

Two cameramen who were there to film the post lockout meeting interviews got into a heated argument that ended with them feebly attempting to exchange blows.

It started during the Derek Fisher press conference as the two men were jostling for position to shoot the interview. They began cursing at each other which proved to be very disruptive for those of us mature journalists that were just trying to capture Fisher's comments on audio.

After about 2-3 interruptions from these media bafoons, TNT's David Aldridge had enough. He told them to "Take that shi* down the street." The cameramen remained for the rest of the interview and stayed relatively quiet but we did not think they would take Aldridge's words seriously.

As you can see in the video exclusively captured by CHARGED below, the guys did indeed take it down the street.

The "fight" was reminiscent of many NBA brawls. Lots of jawing with only the occasional flailing punch thrown. I did admire the one guy throwing the UFC style leg kick. Normally that stuff is reserved for the Octagon not the streets of New York.

Hopefully everyone can enjoy one of the few comedic moments the NBA Lockout has provided us. For actual coverage of the lockout check out this article from Moke Hamilton.

In all seriousness, whoever these guys represent, the one in pants was there for Reuters, deserve to be fired. It was completely classless and unprofessional behavior. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy watching, it just means these guys don't deserve to ever receive a media credential again.

If you are looking to see an actual fight, visit Charged.fm for tickets to the UFC and Boxing fights in your area.

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  1. Fred Langbecker's profile

    Fred Langbecker

    October 15th, 2011 @23:57

    awesome capture. "fight" sucks.

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