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Ski End, Piehole, New Ohio Theatre, Tara Ahmadinejad, Toni Ann DeNoble, Kijani-Ali Gaulman, Allison LaPlatney, Maite Martin, Alexandra Panzer, Emilie Soffe, Nicole Suazo, Ben Vigus, Jeff Wood,

'Ski End' and the End of Days

Piehole examines the consequences of climate change within an abandoned ski shop.

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  • Rare Birds, Rare Birds Review, Adam Szymkowicz, Red Fern Theatre Company, Scott Ebersold, 14th Street Y, Joanna Fanizza, Robert Buckwalter, George Colligan, Tracey Gilbert, Jake Glassman, Dylan Guerra

    Finding the Humanity in 'Rare Birds'

    Adam Szymkowicz's chilling new play takes on cyber-bullying.

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  • Messenger #1, Messenger #1 Review, Hunger & Thirst Theatre, Mark Jackson, Hondo Weiss-Richmond, The Paradise Factory, J.C. Ernst, Jordan Kaplan, Emily Kitchens, Dan Morrison, Natalie Hegg, Katie Consamus

    Revisit Greek Mythology from the Point of View of 'Messenger #1'

    Mark Jackson's 'new ancient Greek tragedy' provides a new take on the Oresteia.

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  • Nibbler, Nibbler Review, Ken Urban, Benjamin Kamine, The Amoralists, Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre, James Kautz, Elizabeth Lail, Rachel Franco, Sean Patrick Monahan, Spencer Davis Milford, Matthew Lawler, Rattlestick,

    Adulthood Is Coming for You in 'Nibbler'

    Ken Urban's inventive new play probes the horror of growing up.

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    Latter Days, Latter Days Review, Dutch Kills Theater, Ben Beckley, Jess Chayes, Tony Torn, Will Dagger, Ars Nova,

    Discovering What Lies Beyond in 'Latter Days'

    Ben Beckley's gripping new play imagines two men on the brink of an apocalypse.

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  • Hi FI Wi Fi Sci Fi, Robert Patrick, Billy Clark, Jason Trucco, La Mama, Agosto Machado, Valois Mickens, John Gutierrez, Yeena Sung, Harold Lehmann, Culture Hub, Seoul Institute For The Arts

    Imagining a 'Hi Fi | Wi Fi | Sci Fi' Future

    This selection of Robert Patrick short plays imagines the past and future of cyber technology.

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  • The Great American Drama, The Great American Drama Review, New York Neo-Futurists, Connor Sampson, Nicole Hill, Dan McCoy, Katy-May Hudson, Greg Taubman, Lijie

    Crafting 'The Great American Drama' Night by Night

    The Neo-Futurists present an ever-changing performance based on audience feedback.

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  • Made In China, Made In China Review, Wakka Wakka, Nordland Visual Theatre, MiNensemblet, Peter Russo, Andy Manjuck, Dorothy James, Charles Pang, Stephen J. Mark, Ariel Estrada, Lei-Lei Bavoil, 59e59,

    Everything Is 'Made in China' in this Epic Puppet Adventure

    Wakka Wakka's inventive musical explores the troubling origins of everyday consumer items.

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  • Holden, Anisa George, George & Co., New Ohio Theatre, Jaime Maseda, Matteo Scammell, Scott R. Sheppard, Bill George, George Truman, The Catcher In The Rye

    'Holden' and the Search for Authenticity

    Anisa George's play imagines the psyche of author J. D. Salinger in exile.

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