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Industry Person of the Month - Jane Henderson of HeadCount

We spoke with Jane about music, social media and why it's more important to vote now than ever.

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Indecision in the Park. The hot, hot park.

Daily Show producers and correspondents performed standup live in Central Park.

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Lewis Black's 'One Slight Hitch' is a hit at WTF

One Slight Hitch is a Comedic Portrayal of Eccentric Families

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Comedy specials: Black on Broadway; Red, White, and Screwed; Old Yeller

Known as the King of the Rant, Lewis Black's comedic trademarks include comedic yelling and angry finger-pointing. His stand-up act mocks the absurdities of topics like current events, social media, and politics. He has also written three bestselling books: Nothing's Sacred, Me of Little Faith, and I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas. 

Black has acted on shows like The Big Bang Theory and has starred in movies like Man of the Year and Unaccompanied Minors. He hosted the Comedy Central series Lewis Black: The Root of All Evil, and he makes regular appearances on The Daily Show to deliver his Back in Black comedy routine. Lewis Black tickets are a hot commodity!

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