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Preview of CHARGED.fm Terminal iOS App


This is the guide to the greatest app to easily manage your events and guests!

The CHARGED.fm Terminal App is truly a first-of-its-kind product. Terminal allows you to easily manage your events and ticketing from one convenient place: your iPhone or iPad!

Terminal gives you the functionality of two apps for the price of one, helping you streamline your events and operate more efficiently.
Check out everything that Terminal can do for you:

  • View and manage all your events
  • Check in and Manage your guests from a convenient guestlist
  • Scan and validate tickets easily
  • Email or print tickets easily for your guests at any time
  • Refund and cancel tickets from your guestlist

Getting started.

1. Download the Terminal app from the App Store. Available both for the iPad and iPhone.

2. Login or signup with your CHARGED.fm account* in app.

* NOTE: The Terminal app is available currently to existing CHARGED.fm users. New users will need to signup for an account first.

Manage your events.

1. After logging in, you will be able to view all your past and upcoming events.

2. You can browse, search and filter your events to pick the event you would like to manage.

3. After selecting an event, you can view the guestlist for your chosen event or begin scanning tickets, and letting your guests in.

Check-in guests.

1. You can check-in your guests two ways: a manual check-in or by scanning their ticket.

2. To manually check-in a guest, simply pull up the guestlist by dragging the guestlist tab at the bottom, upwards.

3. Find the guest on the guestlist by searching or using the alphabetical scroll on the right.

4. Once you have found your guest, tap on the "check-in" button. When it is yellow, your guest is checked-in.

5. Tap again on the "check-in" button to un-check-in your guest.

6. If the button is red, that guest has been refunded his/her tickets and those tickets are no longer valid for the event.

Scanning Tickets.

1. Scanning a ticket is as simple as:
a) Holding the QR code on the ticket up to the (back-facing) camera of iPhone/iPad,
b) Centering the QR code in the square viewfinder on your screen,
c) Allowing the app to focus and scanning the ticket.

2. You will receieve either a succesful response, or an error response. Details of the error (invalid ticket or duplicate ticket) will show up on screen.

3. Once completed, you can either a) view the guest in the guestlist or b) scan another ticket.

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