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Douchebags, Donuts and Denis Leary

The actor and comedian is getting into business with USA Network, writing books, touring, and creating great s…

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Comedy specials: Douchebags & Donuts, No Cure for Cancer

Denis Leary has been a stand-up comedian for over 25 years, with a style of comedy that's biting and fast-paced. In the 90s, he gained mainstream recognition through a series of black-and-white MTV shorts, which featured him smoking and giving rants on things that pissed him off. 

Leary has acted in number of movies like The Sandlot, Ice Age, A Bug's Life, and The Amazing Spider-Man. He was also the lead in the TV shows The Job and Rescue Me, which gave him Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Make sure to purchase your Denis Leary tickets soon! 

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