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Sam Bradford Ready for Monday Night

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The Rams quarterback made a quick recovery, but the same can’t be said for RB Steven Jackson.

Sam Bradford Ready for Monday Night


St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford made all the throws during a short practice, making a fast recovery from a bruised index finger.

A special glove designed to increase blood flow to the injury and reduce swelling may have helped get him back on the field quickly.

"Everyone says I look like Michael Jackson," Bradford joked Wednesday. "I'm not really sure what it does. They say it works and obviously my hand feels better, so I trust them.

Bradford said although there was some soreness, the finger felt "10 times better" than it did on Monday, the day after the Rams' opening 31-13 loss to thePhiladelphia Eagles. The original plan didn't call for him to do any throwing before Thursday and Bradford hadn't been that optimistic.

"I wouldn't have come out of the game if it wasn't serious," Bradford said. "I couldn't feel it, I couldn't move it, I really was concerned."

Now he's hopeful his right hand will be 100 percent by Monday night when the Rams play at the New York Giants. For anyone watching or on the receiving end, it's already close enough.

While Bradford was able to bounce back quickly, the same cannot exactly be said for their star running back Steven Jackson.  

Jackson, who strained his right leg early in the opening loss to the Eagles, has not been counted out for Monday night's game at the New York Giants. Jackson was among a large group of players getting treatment during a workout that lasted just over an hour.

"Steven's about the same," Spagnuolo said. "We'll see where we are at the end of the week."

The Rams are banged up heading into Met Life Stadium to face the Giants, but New York is just as injured.  For tickets to Monday night's game between the Rams and Giants, use CHARGED.fm to find the best seats.

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